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Gator Bowl

December 31, 2007

Since my college team is not bowling this year I have been invited by my boy Billy to go support his school, Texas Tech, in the Gator Bowl in Jacksonville. Should be a good time and yes, I will be sporting Red Raiders gear, just for tomorrow! Hopefully next year my Hurricanes will actually go to a bowl game.



December 30, 2007

If you were caught cheating on a test, you would get an F. I know from experience.

Barry Bonds will have an *asterisk next to his name as the all time home run king, because he probably cheated.

You cheat the IRS you get in trouble.

Downloading illegal music, movies or whatever is consider cheating (not buying the “real” product) and there can be severe consequences for doing so.

I could go on and on about cheaters and consequences.

Did you know that the much heralded New England Patriots were caught red-handed cheating. They were fined, the head coach was fined AND their first round draft pick for 2008 was revoked. They cheated. They were caught. Yet the Patriots are celebrated as undefeated, champs of the regular season. They at least deserve an *asterisk.

I think the Patriots should have the same consequences anyone else would have for cheating. Do you?

Best of 2007: Movies

December 28, 2007

My top 6 this year, do you see a trend?
What movies were your favorites? Anything missing from my list?

Best of 2007: Blogs

December 27, 2007

Things Pondered – My sister got into the blogging game and I must admit, does quite an admirable job of logging her life and interests. If you are lacking chicks in your link column (that sounds sketchy!). Beth’s blog is a must for link love!

Dustin Bryson – Most of you know Dusty, he’s been in the blog game for quite awhile, but he consistently provides readers with authentic glimpses into his life. I have the whole youth pastor thing in common with him and enjoy following his life: new born son, photography and ministry endeavors.

Life in Student Ministry
– Tim Schmoyer is the blog-father here as he gives thousands of youth pastors resources, ideas and most importantly encouragement in their respected ministries. Tim seems to be a very humble and smart dude who doesn’t have that super star youth pastor mentality. I enjoyed reading about his move up to the tundra of Minnesota.

Revolution – Love him or…. Lew Graff has gotten a lot of publicity from his Church Field Trip posts over the year. That is just a small part of his blog. Lew shares some of his personal life and doesn’t try to wow you with his theology or wit, just good ole’ honest communication.

Family Reunion – As we have been going through our adoption journey we have been so encouraged by our blogging friends and family, but one blogger sticks out from the rest, Debbie Brown. She has been an inspiration to Penny and I as she and her husband, Dave are also in the process of adopting a child domestically. Debbie is truly talented as a writer, give her some link love!!

Honorable Mention:
Phil Santillian, Wakebird, Alden Ellis

Please share some of your favorite blogs from 2007

Real Christmas

December 27, 2007

The past few days I have shared a little bit of the Goeppner Christmas tradition. I have saved the best for last. It’s all about Jesus. The time our family spends together is focused on our King, Jesus. We celebrate His humble life here on earth, His sacrificial death for our sins, His resurrection for our eternal purpose and His grace towards our miraculous family. Thank you Jesus.

4th Day of Goeppner Christmas

December 27, 2007

Well it’s Christmas Day and it’s our forth day celebrating it. We slept in again (around 8 AM) and Penny fix a little breakfast before we Skyped my sisters house to watch them open gifts (you gotta love technology!) Penny and I opened the gift we got each other (see always spoils me!). I got her some Gap shirts and jeans and she got me a game for the Wii and some other goodies. Afternoon and evening was spent at my sisters house for lunch, Guitar Hero 3 and dinner. Another day of Goeppner Christmas well spent! How did you spend Christmas day? Any favorite gifts received? Given?

Third Day of Goeppner Christmas

December 25, 2007

It was nice to sleep in today. We spent the third day of our family Christmas with my family, again. This day we went to my parents church and house for a Christmas eve celebration. The church service was quite theatrical, a little too much for my taste, but the Gospel was given clearly and I believe effectively. We then made our way to Mom and Dads for dinner and present opening. My p’s got us some cool stuff. I got this Bluetooth gadget that goes in my car and a cool tire pump for my cars. They got “family” Guitar Hero for the Wii. Pretty sweet as I showed off my Guitar Hero skills to the fam: the perks of working in student ministry. Got home around 10 PM. Good day.

Second Day of Goeppner Christmas

December 24, 2007

Sunday was the second day of our family Christmas celebration. Of course, it being Sunday and all we went to our Pre-Christmas Eve service. It was real great time celebrating and connecting witht the people of our congrgation. Later we went to my Grandma’s (Mamaw) house and enjoyed family time and ate some great pizza. Mamaw got me some socks (much needed) and a shirt. We finished watching the Dolphins get beat down by the Patriots. Here’s a Lazy Sunday video for your enjoyment….

Lazy Sunday


December 24, 2007

On December 7, 2007 Chipotle opened their first store in Palm Beach County (we are always a little late in the game). I have heard all of my Cali friends and the New Yorkers brag about Chipotle, but I had never experienced a burrito from this franchise until today. Good stuff. Fresher than Moes, a little spicier and the rice was wicked. Have you been to Chipotle? Whats your meal of choice?

First Day of Goeppner Christmas

December 23, 2007

Every year our family celebrates Christmas in grand style. We start 4 days out and celebrate Christmas at each others house. Last night Penny and I hosted our Christmas. We started out by going to see National Treasure (it was ok), went to Sonny’s for BBQ (um good!) then made our way to our pad for some dessert (yule log) and gift opening. Always a good time watching family open gifts we bought for them. Each day I will leave you with a special Christmas video. You don’t want to miss this one…..

Mark Jensen’s Christmas Special