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Student Ministry Confessional: 5/31/07

May 31, 2007

In Peru: Monday PM

May 29, 2007

We got to the mission base with our caiman tail and a warm heart from our incredible experience. Took the opportunity to shower off, blow my congested nose and pack my bags for our 12:30 Pm flight to Lima. Before that we ate the caiman tail with chicken and white rice, all prepared by a local lady. The flight to Lima would be the 7th flight on this whirlwind trip. We arrived in the capital around 1:30 PM and visited my friends in-laws. A great opportunity to see what a local house is like and give me a better taste of the culture and people. We grabbed a ride into another part of Lima, to shop a little bit in the market. I was able to finish up my family gift finds at what is called Indian Market. Cheap and fun are the words to best describe this experience. We then hopped a taxi to the ocean side of Lima. This was great, just driving through the different parts of this wonderful metropolis and seeing the various districts and the unique architecture. We arrived at our destination, La Rosa Nautica Restaurant. Speechless, again, in Peru. This restaurant was just perfect. Literally ON the Pacific Ocean with a beautiful pier to guide you to the front steps. I had Se Veche (lime cooked fish), Rock Fish, servesa and of course dark chocolate cake. Great meal, great time, perfect atmosphere with the Pacific waves crashing in the background. The only thing missing? Mi espossa, of course. Dinner was over we hopped a taxi back to the Lima airport for our 8th flight in 6 days to return home from the fast yet wonderful trip to another world. Thank you Tim and the guys at NutraMedix for including me in this adventure of a lifetime!

In Peru: Sunday PM/Monday AM

May 28, 2007

Tonight we hopped another plane, this time to go to a small Indian village that is around 60 miles from Pucallpa. We took a seaplane (first time in one), it took around 25 minutes. The flight to the village was very insightful to the jungle community as you see all of the small villages that lie on the banks of the rivers. We land in the village, which is named Utocuro. As we land I look to the banks and I see what looks like the whole town gathered to greet us. When I get out the plane all eyes are fixed on us, weird stuff. You can tell that the children are amazed by the whole experience of watching a plane land and seeing a tall bald white guy with a beard. My experience would be just as amazing, maybe more so. The children flocked to me and the other guys I’m with. Touching my arms, staring at me. I know they were chatting in their dialect about the encounter. As the night progressed I was able to connect with some of these children even though we didn’t even speak the same language. I taught them to high-five (completely new to them). You could here children randomly bust out “hi-fi” with their hand high in the air. Very cool. We were set up to sleep in the village medical building, a real treat considering it is the nicest building there. We set up our mosquito nets in several of the rooms, had an impromptu church service with the villagers and then ate some jelly sandwiches to prepare for the caiman (alligator-type thing) hunting expedition we were to go on. We got into our man made dugout canoe and headed down the jungle creek. The noises, the smells, the visual. One word: surreal. Kind of what Disney has tried to create on their jungle cruise, but real. Real monkeys, birds, critters, mosquito’s and oh yeah, the caimans. Flowing up and down this river was just amazing. The moon and stars were brighter. The wildlife was more wild. My adrenaline more flowing. We got back to our visited village around 3 AM and hit the mosquito nets for a quick snooze. We woke up with the sun and children peeking into the windows of the building we were lodging. A native gave me a tour of the village. I saw too many disturbing and eye opening things that I don’t have room to post on, just believe me. Our plane departed with the villagers looking on in amazement. We arrived at the mission base around 20 minutes later to a totally different world.

In Peru: Sunday AM

May 28, 2007

Woke up with a mess of a sinus infection and cold. Had breakfast with the hole crew then we headed off to church. I really didn’t know what to expect. I haven’t been to a different church in years. We drove through the center city of Pulcalpa (very interesting) towards the river (which is the heart of the jungle) and parked in front of the Indain center. This is a place where indigounous peoples come for refuge, it’s a safe house, as a lot of the tribal people have a hard time getting plugged into the culture of this metropolis in the jungle. This place was so incredible. Let me start with the people in the center. They are just looking for a place to fit, the outer jungle now longer is home and they want to enjoy the luxuries of the developing world. Just picture a Salvation Army type of mission, that’s what you have except for 2 things: the Bible College and of course the church where we were about to experience the Sunday service. What a blessing to see people from a different world from me worship and learn about the same God that I serve. It’s so humbling to see people pour their all into the ministry. I could write on and on but, you know. After church we went to lunch, I didn’t eat (still sick, no taste) and had an Inca Cola. Top notch, No better soda on the planet.

Here is a video clip from the Indian Church

In Peru: Saturday

May 27, 2007

We left Huaraz around 8 this morning to catch a fight back to Lime. I’m going to miss this place; I felt like I left part of me here, oh, I did leave part of myself here (see Wednesday night). We were at the Huaraz airport and I must say, it was the most beautiful, most picturesque ever (see). Our flight arrived back in Lim where we met up with some folks from SoFlo. We were at this delightful place for about 4 hours. Time to shop a little, eat and Skype mi espossa. Our next flight would take us to the deep jungle where piranha and natives call home. I was completely surprised by the size Pocapalla. There are 400,000 that live here. Tom Hough, is our contact here, he has lived here his whole life (I think he was born here!). We came to home base where I couldn’t believe my eyes. This place is a total oasis in the middle of the bustling jungle. Oh yeah, no altitude sickness here, I did pick up a nasty cold though. We finished the day with a healthy filet mignon at Orlandos then a hot shower.

In Peru: Connected.

May 26, 2007

I love Skype! Freakin’ awesome. Here is a cap of me chatting with my love and parents. Also, Cingular (the new AT&T) is top notch. I have 4-5 bars in the middle of now where and I’m able to recieve e-mail. How much will it cost? I’ll find out. Skype is cheap though.

In Peru: Friday

May 25, 2007

This morning I woke up tossing and turning with the same pounding headache that got me off to such a great start yesterday. My crew took off without me to go to a higher altitude (14,000-17,000 ft). I knew I couldn’t hang so I stayed back here at our guest house with another guy from the group. The remedy that I keep having to down to help my altitude sickness is the coca tea (same coca as cocaine). It smells like fish, but is rather tasty. I was able to Skype mi espossa (my wife for you gringos) this morning. Technology is so wicked cool. My morning continued as I laid in bed and watched the first season of “The Office”, read a little bit and of course filled you all in on my trip to the beautiful and diverse country of Peru. The pictures you see are of the Andes Mountains that surround the city Huaraz. It’s simply indescribable. The pictures you see I have taken from the roof of our guest house. One you see the range of mountains. The other is a school behind us. You see the kids in line? In uniforms? All of the teachers had whistles and weren’t afraid to blow them or grab the students that were misbehavin’. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to post as we will be going to the jungle. Unreal, the mountains, the jungle, the ocean (Lima).

In Peru: Thursday

May 25, 2007

We woke up early for a ride back to the airport, not too bad. My head just pierces out the window taking in the quick sites of Lima. This city is massive. People say it takes 4 hours to cross. We have an American breakfast at the airport (yum) then hop on board our 19 passenger twin engine for the mountains. Once we arrived in Huaraz I could tell that I was not at sea level, instant light-handedness. These mountains are massive, like 20,000 feet above sea level massive. Very imposing, yet majestic. We hopped a taxi into the city. On the road in we saw lots of the Peruvian mountain people walking on the street. We got to our guest house, settled into our rooms then headed out to the market. This is where my experience started taking a turn. When we first got out of the vehicle I instantly noticed the overwhelming smells. Burning wood, food, sewage, exhaust form buses. At this point I’m starting sensory overload. The market was amazing. Just walking shoulder to shoulder to the people of Peru was incredible. I guess they don’t see too many 6’4 bald headed, bearded guys around here. I constantly had people stop and stare at me. One time an elderly gentleman form the higher elevations (they have a certain look) stopped me took my hand and said “Ahhh, gringo! Big!” We went on to eat at a Peruvian restaurant. Not bad. They gave us all these skewers with beef on them. Pretty good, until I realized they were cow hearts. Then all of a sudden the taste wasn’t so good. Finished my meal of chicken and rice and we were off to go into higher elevations. Remember the sensory overload thing? Well the higher we would drive in elevation, the worse I would feel. Headache banging, stomach churning, things weren’t good, I know my face had to be green. We got to an elevation of about 11,500 feet and stopped for awhile. The little villages in these higher elevations are fascinating. The people are so nice and the air is fresh (but hard to breath!) We made our way back into the city of Huaraz I got out of the vehicle ran up stairs and blew chunks for the first time since 1993! I got altitude sickness. What a long miserable night. Tossing, turning, pounding head ache and oh yeah, the nausea and puking. Hopefully I won’t die, I prayed.

In Peru: The Arrival.

May 24, 2007

I have never been to South America so this trip is going to be quite interesting for me.You hear stories of food, language, etc. Our flight left Miami at 5:30 PM We arrived in Lima, Peru around 11 PM on Wednesday. The Lima airport was the nicest I have ever been to. We stayed in a hotel not far from the airport and enjoyed the crazy drive on the city highways. When we first got to the hotel (this picture is from my room) we had some coca tea, supposed to help with altitude sickness, we shall see.
Anyway, we are to take a plane out of Lima early Thursday to the mountain city of Huaraz.

Get your Schrute Bucks!!

May 23, 2007

Print out your own Schrute Bucks! If you get 1000 you get an extra 5 minutes for lunch. Maybe you just want a Stanley Nickel.

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