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In Moscow

October 28, 2007

After a sick, 9 hour flight from New York we arrived in Moscow, Russia!!!! It’s quite dreary and cold here. A few quick observations: Its cold! People are very nice. The cars are weird. Everyone has a coat on, all the time. Its cold! Our hotel is very nice (we were able to catch a few winks). Watched some TV here, crazy. Will post more when we get to Krasnoyarsk.


From MIA

October 27, 2007

Our first of hopefully many posts from our trip…..

We out!!!

October 27, 2007

We are leaving for the airport in about an hour. Please pray that next couple of days of travel will be safe and blessed. Will post as soon as we get a free wi-fi spot……if we get a free wi-fi spot!

Day of preparation

October 26, 2007

As we approach our departure date for Russia things have gotten a little crazy around the Goeppner house. I have been running around trying to tie up any loose ends and my hot wife has been doing ALL of the paperwork and footwork for our quick trip to see our sons in Siberia. Notice the many, many hours on a plane(s). Our itinerary says “Economy”, that scares me a bit. We have stocked our iPod/Phones with much music and the BlackTop is ready to go (movies and such)……
Here is a quick breakdown of our trip:

Leave Miami – Saturday, 12:21 PM
Arrive NY – Saturday, 3:35 PM
Leave NY – Saturday, 5:40 PM
Arrive Moscow – Sunday, 10:10 AM
8 hour layover in Moscow (we will do some sight seeing…)
Leave Moscow – Sunday, 8:55 PM
Arrive Krasnoyarsk – Monday, 5:40 AM

All day Monday – meeting with Department of Education, orphanage caretakers and……our sons!!!
All day Tuesday – meetings with orphanage caretakers, and time with our sons!

Leave Krasnoyarsk – Wednesday, 7:10 AM
Arrive Moscow – Wednesday, 7:55 AM
Leave Moscow – Wednesday, 1 PM
Arrive Atlanta – Wednesday, 5:55 PM
Leave Atlanta – Wednesday, 9:15 PM
Arrive Miami – Wednesday, 11:01 PM

Toe story 2

October 25, 2007

A quick update on my toe story. It kept getting worse, even after performing my own minor surgery. This morning I went to the local walk-in clinic and the doctor looked at it and said “That’s nasty!” She poked me with a couple of needles and cut that bad boy out! I saw the remnants, sick. The only words to describe it. Pray it heals up so our trip to Siberia is not complicated.

Ron Paul

October 24, 2007

Can you believe it? Another American Presidential election is right around the corner! Over the next several months I will try to clarify my choice for ’08 by profiling some of the premiere candidates. The guy that I am most intrigued with recently has been Rep. Ron Paul. I know my sister will like him as he is a firm advocate of home schooling. He takes a very strong stand on the issues (unlike most candidates) and he has become a web-star over the past several months. I like the organic nature of his campaign and how I have learned of him (the web). Any thoughts? Who do you like for ’08? Please dont say Hillary, please. Barak? Rudy? More to come….

Sick, just sick.

October 22, 2007

Watch here
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October 22, 2007

About 6 months ago I requested to participate in a beta or Skitch. Have you ever wanted to add text to a picture or just wanted to crop, edit and save a picture really efficiently? Well Skitch is for you. It’s a simple, slick photo editing program. You can add cool things to your pictures real easy and it doesn’t take a genius to use. If you are interested go to their site here and request to be a beta user, it’s worth the wait.

Miami – Florida State

October 20, 2007

I have my “vintage” Ken Dorsey number 11 jersey on waiting for the UM-FSU game to resume. It’s halftime and the score is 20-17 FSU. It just isn’t the same as the games in this rivalry from the past. Miami turns the ball over and FSU scores, FSU turns the ball over, Miami scores. Just sloppy. I cant help but wonder if this game will regain it’s luster of the past. I think the talent is decent, but the attitude on both sides does not have the swagger and confidence of the past. Anyway, Miami still has a shot in this game. It would be a huge confidence builder for the U. More later…UPDATE: Miami wins! Huge victory for this young and battered team. Go Canes!

We’re going to Russia!

October 19, 2007

If you haven’t guessed or read or heard yet, Penny and I are finally going to Russia to meet our 2 SONS!!! We will be leaving next Saturday (October 27th) and returning on that Wednesday (October 31st). A whirl-wind trip yes. Please pray that everything goes smoothly and that I don’t freak out the authorities or anything. How exciting! The picture gives you an idea of our trip.