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Some Thoughts….

July 30, 2007

Stevie Wonder is one of my all time favorites. As everyone else, I have always known Stevie is incredibly talented, but this video is over the top. Watch it and be amazed.

I have started my physical therapy for my knee. I have made tremendous progress. My goal: to get rid of the crutches and start walking by Friday. That will be amazing!

I still love my iPhone.

Summer TV stinks, especially when you just have the major networks and couple of really bad Christian channels. We watched “Psych” for the first time last year, it was an iTunes freebie. The second season just started and boy is it quirky. Thanks to torrents!

I still like the Geico caveman commercials.

The more I study the Bible and the nature and attributes of God, the less I know. This just reassures me that the God of this universe deserves all of me. (Thanks Romans 8-9)

We ended our Student Ministry summer tour on Wednesday. It was amazing! We had a great group of students show up for a night of worship. Our band was wicked and off the chain.

If you are a youth pastor or know a youth worker who blogs, please let me know. I would like to continue pooling as many youth workers as possible. It so was interesting watching Bobby’s Student Ministry Confessional and hope more yp’s will do so.

This weekend I slipped on a grease spot (and water) at Wendy’s. I go to my doctor this morning to find out if I damaged my knee any more (what a nightmare!)

Here’s a good band for you: Lost Ocean. I cant get enough of this band lately. Someone gave me an EP and I like it so much I used my iTunes credit to buy the whole album. Melodic electronica would describe it.



July 28, 2007

This day and age we all travel. It’s amazing how open the world is now, no place is un-travelable (is that a word?). When I go to travel I always enjoy scoping out the airport of my destination. Whether it stinks or is wicked nice I enjoy a gander. Anyway, Matt Doan had a cool post listing his best and worst airports. Here is my list:

The Best
1. Lima, Peru -new, with really good food.
2. San Diego – wow!
3. Amsterdam – modern, clean, spacious
4. Raleigh, NC – just nice, plus they have sweet tea.
5. West Palm Beach – easy in, easy out; you can fly any where and I only live a few minutes away!

The Worst
1. Miami – too many lines and too much hustle bustle.
2. San Jose, Costa Rica – old, yuck.
3. Nassau, Bahamas – Small, scary. Small, scary.
4. Pucalppa, Peru – its a stinkin’ barn!
5. Chicago-Midway – small, old, too busy.

So what does your list of best and worst airports look like? I know some you have some interesting destinations to share……

Michael Vick

July 27, 2007

No decription needed.
ht: chris hill

Calling ALL Student Pastors!

July 26, 2007

I would like to put together a comprehensive link list of student pastors, youth pastors, family pastors or whatever you call us. I really enjoy peeking into the life of peeps who are involved in the same ministry I’m involved with and I know others do as well. So if your student pastor blogs, or you know someone who knows someone who has a friend who is a youth pastor, just leave a comment with your student pastors blog address and I’ll do this rest.

Stuck in my car

July 25, 2007

As I was driving home this evening there were menacing clouds all around. I saw lightning strikes and dark clouds, knowing I must get home before the deluge begins. Well, unfortunately the heavens let loose and I was just around the corner from home. When I pulled in the drive way I called Penny, we both agreed that it would be best that I stay in the car while this storm was around. Think about it, I have 2 metal sticks under my arms in the middle of a nasty electrical storm in the so-called lightning capital of the world. I made the most of my stay in my Impala, I read from Romans 8. I finally made it in.

John Mayer and Mute Math

July 25, 2007

Check out what John Mayer has to say about Mute Math, a favorite of mine for some time now. It’s about time these guys start to get credit for great music making. If you haven’t heard them just go here and listen, you won’t regret it. Not bad for a couple of home school dudes from Louisiana.

People in the News

July 24, 2007

Michael Vick – aka Ron Mexico, NFL quarterback, has been indicted for his involvement with dog fighting (basically he ran the operation). My question: where is Jesse and Al? They wouldn’t touch this one with a ten foot pole, would they?

Barry Bonds – the juiced one is about to break Henry Aaron’s all time home run record and the only news being reported is the Commissioner of the league isn’t going to be around for his last record breaking homers, or is he?

Drew Carey – The horned rimmed glasses comedian, as I speak is announcing his new position as host of “The Price is Right” on the “Letterman Show”. Good choice, way better than Rosie or Mario Lopez. How will Drew change the show that we have all grown up on?

Tim Donaghy – NBA referee who the FBI is investigating allegations that he bet on basketball games he officiated over the 2005-2006 and 2006-2007 seasons. Not good for an already struggling league image. What will League Commish David Stern do now?

Christian T-Shirts?

July 23, 2007

A while back I posted on bad Christian t-shirts, and boy were they bad……Well almost 2 years later I think I have found the WORST t-shirt ever! There is absolutely NOTHING good about this shirt, nothing! Have you ever worn and seen a really bad Christian t-shirt (confession time)? Please share.

Student Ministry Confessional: 7/20

July 21, 2007

A little bit of a summer version of a Student Ministry Confessional, enjoy!

Bike Parade

July 20, 2007

Wednesday I took a bunch of students to West Palm Beach for a night on the town (pizza, music, ice cream) and we were all surprised at the spontaneous “Bike Parade” that broke out on the streets of this wonderful metropolis. As the bikes were going by (there had to be 200-300 of them) I said to some people, I guarantee you I will know someone in this parade, sure enough a guy I graduated high school with was dressed in drag riding down the street in his modified Schwinn. I loved the Pope Mobile bike (pictured).