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I can’t believe it!

October 29, 2008

One year ago today Penny and I were in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia to meet our son’s for the very first time. Crazy how time really does fly. As we spent the day together today I just couldn’t imagine life with out these little boys. We watched Charlie Brown and went to Granny and Grampies to celebrate Andrew’s (my nephew) birthday. All of the travels are over. All of the anxieties are gone. Life has moved on and it is good.


What is wrong with this picture?

October 27, 2008

ht: ysmarko

In the news….

October 26, 2008

Presidential dance-off?

October 24, 2008

You gotta watch this. I know there are a few inappropriate comments, but it’s pretty silly. Who do you think won?
Unbelievable McCain Vs. Obama Dance-Off – Watch more free videos

Goin’ campin’

October 22, 2008

This weekend is our annual High School Campout. I look forward to it as I know it’s a great opportunity for us to get students away for a couple of days. It’s a time of refocus and refreshment. A few years ago my pastor encouraged me to do campouts. He said his greatest memories were from weekend campouts. I followed his advice and believe it was great advice. I see great results from these trips. By the way, we rough it for the most part. We sleep in tents but have running water. There is no cell service, no computers, no texting. Sounds like a recipe for potential ministry.

Will you pray for us?

Palin rap

October 19, 2008

If you didn’t see Gov. Sarah Palin last night on SNL you have to watch this, it’s hilarious! WATCH HERE

Touched up

October 19, 2008

Lil’ Bill O’Reilly vs. Barney Frank

October 16, 2008

A couple of weeks ago I posted a video where Bill O’Reilly rips into Barney Frank. Here is another version of that scream fest.

Picture day

October 15, 2008

Today was my day off so we took the boys to downtown West Palm Beach and took a bunch of pictures on the waterfront. Here are a few of the good ones. Taken with a Nikon D40X.

Bloggers with t-shirts. What?

October 14, 2008

Have you noticed a recent move with some of the self-proclaimed blog-stars: t-shirts. Are you kidding me? Personally I think it’s kinda lame, but who am I but just a 50-100 hit (if I’m lucky) blogger. Please tell me the truth. Would you buy MY shirt? All proceeds would go to a better t-shirt design and people with rabies.