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Gotcha’ Day. One year later.

February 28, 2009

I can’t believe that it has been a year!!! Unbelievable. Since Gotcha’ Day we have celebrated birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, many firsts. But I must admit, this is the most special of days for me. I became a Daddy one year ago. My life has been changed forever. The only day that I would compare is the day I received Christ as my Savior some 30 years ago. It was a tremendous journey to Siberia and it has been a tremendous journey in our lives together.


Amazing act of……

February 25, 2009

A year ago….

February 22, 2009

I can’t believe that it was a year ago that we were in Siberia traveling back and forth from our hotel to the the orphanage to see our boys. It’s so fresh in my memory, all of the smells, sounds, sights. It was a total sensory overload while there. I have had so many parents tell me that once you have kiddos life seems to go into warp speed. I am first hand experiencing this. Wow. I remember having a birthday party for our Roman as he was still in the orphanage. We brought some chocolate, fruit and hot tea for his play group. Yesterday we had a party with all of his friends from our church staff. This year was a Curious George theme, on the beach. In one year from the frozen tundra of Siberia to the warm sandy beaches of south Florida. Time flies when you’re raising kids.


Firsts: Baseball

February 19, 2009

This morning I took Roman and Jadon on their first baseball experience. As a child I was fortunate enough to be able to go to a lot of baseball games, practices and I even played up until 11 grade. Jupiter is the spring home for the Florida Marlins and St. Louis Cardinals. So we hung out around all of the different players and it wasn’t 5 minutes before some of the Marlins pitchers are giving Roman a ball and promised “I’ll work on getting one for the little guy”. He held to his promise and JJ had a ball too! One of the coaches gave them another ball! So they each had 2 baseballs. Roman got to mee the Marlins manager, Fredi Gonzalez and got him to sign one of the baseballs. Our daddy -time was capped off with a McDonald’s lunch. Beat that!!


Best bum signs.

February 8, 2009

I love the Weburbanist, just a great site with cool photo-blogging. The latest post shows us their “11 Greatest Hobo signs”. We have all seen the people at intersections doing their best to get a nickle, quarter or maybe even some paper out of us bleeding heart drivers. Enjoy the list!

WebUrbanist 11 Greatest Hobo Signs


For the iPhone haters.

February 5, 2009

You MUST listen to the rest of Parry Gripp’s songs: HERE

ht: ysmarko

The Best Super Bowl ad?

February 2, 2009

So this years Super Bowl was amazing. So what about the ad’s, did they live up to the hype and expence? You can decide by go HERE and picking which ad’s where the best in a head-to-head bracket. Pretty sweet!

My winner was, “Tips” and runner up was Bud Light, “Swedish” featuring Conan O’Brian

Which was your winner?