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Firsts: Guys night out

May 30, 2008

Tonight was the first night it was just and my boys out on the town. Penny went out with some of the girls and I took Roman and JJ to the mall for some Chic-Fil-A and of coarse a stop by the Apple Store to introduce them to gadgetry. What did you do on this big Friday night out?


Schools Out Party

May 30, 2008

Last night we held our annual Student Ministry Schools Out Party. This year we did it a little different as we combined forces with my boy Billy in Port St. Lucie and invited some guest musicians as well as our house bands. All in all it was a great night and we were able to give students a night to remember! Thanks to Chic-Fil-A (Andrew!), Proverb, Luminacity, 612 Band, Merge Band, Todd Shoemaker, Chip the sound master, all the amazing volunteers and my sister, Bethany (photos) for the amazing evening. We were able to minister to over 200 students!! Next up…..Summer Tour 2008!

Anyone notice?

May 27, 2008

TV is just awful right now! NBC is showing re-runs of Dateline and every reality show in their repertoire. The only show I’m holding out for now is LOST. 2 hour season finale Thursday. No Office, 30 Rock, Smallville or any other show that would be interesting.

Firsts: Slurpee

May 26, 2008

Yes, last night I treated Roman to his first 7-11 Slurpee. Unfortunately the Coke flavor was not working so we settled for Cherry. He loved and his life has, again, been forever changed.

Firsts: Sea World trip

May 25, 2008

Yesterday Penny and I went to Sea World in Orlando with the boys. It was their first ever trip to a theme park and we learned the hard way that Jadon is NOT ready for any park, including Mickey. We actually left considerably earlier than planned, but crazy central Florida weather had something else to say about that! Notice Penny caring the heavy equipment as I click a pic.

Grampy and Roman

May 23, 2008

You gotta love this picture of Roman sippin’ on a vanilla shake with his Grampy. Awesome.

How do you watch your movies?

May 21, 2008

Today Netflix just changed the way you and I will watch our movies at home. Home theatre all began for me in 1984 with a Montgomary Ward VCR. My family used that machine until 1996. I purchased my first DVD player in 2000 and the first DVD purchased was “The Matrix”. We then used our PS2 as our entertainment center. 2 years ago we went to the Mac Mini as our preferred media center. We added a Miglia HD converter, an external hard drive to store our torrented movies/tv shows. Today will mark another change. Roku introduced the new Netflix Player which will allow you to view 10,000 movies and tv shows from a database. This will grow weekly and eventually will be HD and is easily upgradable (via firmware). Read more here. Sign up for Netflix here.

Walking with my boy

May 18, 2008

Could it be?

May 16, 2008

The Mac rumor mill is swirling! A Mac taplet laptop? We shall see….

Trinity of Hell?

May 15, 2008

I’m, uh, speechless. You will be too after watching this.

Watch here