If you were caught cheating on a test, you would get an F. I know from experience.

Barry Bonds will have an *asterisk next to his name as the all time home run king, because he probably cheated.

You cheat the IRS you get in trouble.

Downloading illegal music, movies or whatever is consider cheating (not buying the “real” product) and there can be severe consequences for doing so.

I could go on and on about cheaters and consequences.

Did you know that the much heralded New England Patriots were caught red-handed cheating. They were fined, the head coach was fined AND their first round draft pick for 2008 was revoked. They cheated. They were caught. Yet the Patriots are celebrated as undefeated, champs of the regular season. They at least deserve an *asterisk.

I think the Patriots should have the same consequences anyone else would have for cheating. Do you?


6 Responses to “Cheaters?”

  1. MWest Says:

    They accepted their fines and penalties as decided by the NFL and then proceeded to win all the rest of the games. I don’t think taping hand signals deserves an asterisk. They are the best professional team ever assembled. I’m not even a Pat fan but I certainly recognize dominance when I see it. I enjoyed seeing them go undefeated and I hope they can put the icing on with a Super Bowl win. Teams like this show up once in a great while. You’re just mad because they knocked your Dolphins out of the history books.

  2. Chris Goeppner Says:


  3. art Says:

    it’s hard to root for a team that portrays itself as self-centered and egotistical (from the owner to the coach to the players) Favre and The Pack will dash their dreams and send them home whimpering!!!!!!

  4. Alex Workman Says:

    someone is bitter?

  5. Chris Goeppner Says:

    not bitter, just a sports fan who is making his opinion known.
    and a dolphan 🙂

  6. revolution Says:

    you and i seem to be the only ones who follow this line of reasoning when it comes to the cheating patriots.

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