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A Great Apple Store Story.

October 31, 2006

I have been holding back for a couple of weeks, but here you go. A bout a month ago I started experiencing problems with my 12″ PowerBook. It kept crashing and a weird kernel notice kept popping up. Well, I decided I would take a ride over to the local Apple Store to see if a Mac specialist could lend a hand. After a whole bunch of diagnostic tests they called me to let me know that the logic board needed to be replaced and it would take about a month to get back. I agreed to the repair and at that time decided to purchase my new MacBook. About a week later I received a call from the Apple Store people to let me know that the California tech guy said there was nothing wrong but they would run more diagnostics. The next day they said I could come pick up the PowerBook. The manager met me with my computer and said that there was a problem. The California tech guy DID indeed fix the logic board AND the memory, about $700 in repairs. He said because of the miscommunication with me that Apple would waive ALL fees and he thanked me for being so patient. That’s what I call customer service. No calls to India, no hassle with a half-know tech guy. People ask me why I prefer Mac to PC. This is just one reason, an awfully big reason.


My Week.

October 30, 2006

Do you ever have on of those weeks where you just don’t stop? Here is a breakdown of what I would consider one ridiculous week….
Tuesday – after our weekly church staff meeting I had an appointment at my dermatologist to remove a skin lesion. Ouch! It required some stitches and a couple of needles.
Wednesday – In the morning Jeff and I led the chapel at our local Christian school. I spoke out of James 1:2-4 about trials and their purpose. I had fun even though the students were pretty much non responsive. I got back to the office and started the prep for our Wednesday evening Student Ministry MERGE environment. My day ran non-stop form 7am-10pm. No complaints just truth.
Thursday – In preparation for our upcoming high school campout I had to make a Costco run with one of our student leaders. We then went to our camp location in Okeechobee (about 60 miles away). We got out there and set up all of our tents and other necessary camping items. The day started around 8am and concluded at 8pm. I got home in time to watch “The Office” when unbeknownst to me IT WAS A REPEAT! I watched it anyway. It was the famous kiss episode.
Friday – At 8am I had an appointment so I arrived at the office with one of my more needy students waiting at the door (no school on Friday!) and my appointment there as well. I had to get our bus started, checked and then had to make a round of student pick-ups. Our departure time was 5pm from Jupiter and arrival at our camp was around 7pm. We had a great evening with our students around the campfire. Several gave testimony to what God is doing in their lives, unbelievable. We all then went to “sleep”. Around 1:30am the skies opened up and we got poured on! All I have to say is Florida rain.
Saturday – We “got up” around 6am and ran around in the rain and mud, ate breakfast and had a devotional. The day then began as we kayaked, canoed, played games and did the whole rope swing into the beautiful old Kissimmee River, true Florida blackwater. Around 4pm we took off for Jupiter and arrived around 6pm. After taking students home around town I got home around 8pm.
Sunday – We all got a beautiful extra hour sleep and I awoke at 6am and arrived at church with a cube truck at 7:30am. We start our set up and transformation of math classrooms into children’s ministry rooms; it’s pretty much a miracle! I then go, pick up some students around town for church at 10am. We tear down all that we set up, go to lunch, then to the church office where I get prepped for our Crave high school Bible study at 6pm. I got home at 10:15pm and crashed.
Monday – Nothing, absolutely nothing.

On Life.

October 30, 2006

Read this interesting post by singer/songwriter John Mayer, pretty thought provoking and unexpected. CHANGE

More Banana Republic.

October 29, 2006

In April I posted on the banana republic known as Palm Beach County. I mentioned a few things that I thought qualified the county I live in as corrupt. I mentioned in the post what makes this place a joke is it’s lack of leadership from a civic standpoint. Here is an addendum to that post and as we rack up corruption, I will surely fill you in.

Mark Foley – as everyone in the world know former Rep. Mark Foley resigned about a month ago after it was disclosed that he was flirting with House pages. My friend was in Istanbul, Turkey at the time and he called me to say, “dude, I heard about Foley!” Putting Palm Beach County on the map again. Foley was raised in this area and served and various political positions. I always knew he was a homosexual (so did everyone down here) but he wasn’t flamboyant, at least we thought.

Ray Liberti – about a month after my post this was the headline on the Palm Beach Post: “Charged with fraud, Liberti to resign”. Who in the world is that, you ask. Well, let me tell you. He was a two-term West Palm Beach City Commissioner. The FBI investigated him, accusing him of using his public position to pressure the owners of a nightclub and a massage parlor to sell their businesses at below-market prices. Nice, huh? You can read more about his fiasco here.

Tony Massoloti – the Palm Beach County Commission Chairman has been under pressure from federal investigators, so he resigned on October 26th. What is he being investigated for? He was using his position to make personal land investment deals. The Palm Beach Post says “federal prosecutors are threatening to charge him with “honest services” fraud, a crime that upon conviction carries a prison term of five to 20 years.”

Lois Frankel – She may be the most crooked of all the PBC politicians. She has been involved in PBC politics for many years. She now holds the mayoral post for West Palm Beach, the most coveted of all local positions. I will not be surprised when one of the local papers has a headline featuring her highness. Here are some of the recent comments in the PB Post about her: “…she is being paid off by the developers – her personal finances need to be investigated…”
“…she is a corrupt mayor, taking bribes from the big money condo developers…”
Yada, yada, yada, blah, blah, blah… goes on and on.

To be continued…..

The Ultimate Air Guitar Competition

October 26, 2006

Last night in our Student Ministry we had an air guitar competition. Here is the champ.

Adoption Update

October 24, 2006

It’s been awhile since I have given an adoption update. We are still waiting on our travel dates for our first trip. Our agency rep is telling us we could be leaving for Moscow in as little as two weeks! Pray for us as we are feeling a little “adoption fatigue”. Thanks to all Life & Times readers for your prayer and financial support! To find out where we are financially check out the latest post on our Russian Adoption blog.

Happy Birthday!

October 23, 2006

On October 23, 2001 the iPod was introduced to the world! I remember my first iPod experience. I purchased a second generation gadget and to be honest, I didnt really start using it until about two months later! Since then I have grown quite fond of this piece of hardware. I have since sold my first iPod to this guy and have purchased a black video iPod. What was your first iPod experience like? Did you ever think that they would be a huge flop? Will you buy a new enhanced Pod?

Day 120

October 23, 2006

It has been four months since we began our Great Experiment with our entertainment system. If you recall, we eliminated our Directv account, purchased a MacMini, Miglia TVHD hardware and an HD antenna that is mounted outside where our satellite dish used to be. We have had a very easy time of adjusting to limited channels, as we only watch 3-4 shows a week.
Here are some observations:

We record shows with the EyeTv Software that was bundled with the Miglia hardware. The playback with the EyeTv software is pretty good, not fantastic. Because the shows are recorded in HD each show is massive in size (typically 3-7 GB per show!!). There is a cool option with the software, you can edit shows you have recorded, meaning you can remove commercials and you can save them as Quicktime movies (remember they are MASSIVE files!).

Hardware: Don’t let it’s small size fool you (3.8″ long, 2.6″ wide and 1.1″ high). This little piece never ceases to amaze. For it’s small size it has tremendous power. I have taken it with me on the road and connected it to my laptop, it works great! There is nothing like watching HDTV on my black MacBook!

HD Antenna: with the mounted outdoor antenna occasionally there is interference in the reception and when you go to watch a recorded show it can be messed up (this has happened just a couple of times). Reception of all 32 South Florida HD channels is not a constant. I will have to mount the antenna higher so that we can receive all of the channels more consistently.

Other: We have been utilizing our 250 GB external hard drive by storing all of our digital media (pictures, music, movies and TV shows). As of today we have all of “The Office” episodes, the past two years of “Smallville” episodes and about 50 feature films. All of the TV shows have been downloaded via Azuerus and bittorents, the movies are downloaded by using Handbrake freeware.

***NBA season starts next week. This will be a real test for us as we follow the World Champion Miami Heat. Heat games are very rarely on broadcast TV, so we’ll see…..

Go Old School!

October 21, 2006

I don’t know if I would buy this (I wouldn’t), but I thought this was a sweet piece of retro equipment. Better than those things that people clip to their ears. Those things have gotta go.
Check it out here: Retro Headset Goes Bluetooth!

My Mac Repertoire.

October 20, 2006