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Best of 2006: Blogs

December 30, 2006

The Unofficial Apple Weblog – Keeps me up to date on all things Mac! Loads of cool app’s, software and hardware are reveiwed. If you don’t have this on your favorites, stop sleepin’.

Mondok Blog – One of my mentors and closest friends (as well as co-worker!) always has something to say about something. Dude should write a book, soon.

Spitbox – This blog-zine encapsulates some of my favotite bloggers Los, Pete and Dustin along with others. Always pithy and usually funny.

UM Hurricanes – Omar Kelly posts daily keeping me up to date on my boys down at the U. Big O can be controversial and always has hundreds of comments to comb through.

TV Squad – Helps me keep up to date on my favorite TV shows and more. Great, simple writing with tons of current information.

Honorable; Jonathan Herron; Bob.Blog; ysmarko


Best of 2006: Books

December 30, 2006

“The Tozer Pulpit” – I purchased it this summer. It’s a 2 volume set of some of AW Tozers messages. I always have enjoyed his writings and thoughts. If you are a fan, you should scoop up this set.

“Spiritual Leadership” – the classic by Sanders is an annual read for me and always will be. No comment needed.

“The Emotionally Healthy Church” – by Peter Scazzero is a good read about the importance of emotional health and stability in the life of a leader. I enjoyed reading his own story and how Jesus restored him and his family.

“Elements” – by Bob Franquiz a fellow blogger and I think a reader of “Life & Times” does a good job examining John the Baptist. J the B was a revolutionary and you can be too! One problem with the book: he had to mention the Hail Flutie pass against the U from ’84, ouch!

“10 Lies of Student Ministry” – (by another blogger) Michael Lukaszewski, made me mad in this book. Michael is a former student pastor who took me to task on the whole “it’s all about relationships” idea in student ministry. Is he right? Maybe. Did he make me think? Absolutely.

Next Year.

December 30, 2006

Every time a new year comes around I’m just like you, I think, what can I do to make this a better year, what changes can I make personally that will make me a better child of God, husband to my wife, shephard to the people God has placed in my watch, etc. Here are some changes and adjustments I will make this year:

  • I will rise at 6 am everyday to start my day with Jesus. This is a must.
  • I will go through the Bible using Mr. Mondok’s track, simple and not overwhelming.
  • I will become a father (hopefully sooner than later) and therefore I need to be less cluttered in my scheduling, so I will stick to a strict schedule, with appointments falling ONLY in the time allotted.
  • Mondays are my day off. This day will continue to be sacred for family. No calls, e-mails or activities.
  • Reading will be a major focus of my year. I want to complete 2 books a month, a very do-able thing for me.
  • Discipleship will be a huge part of my life as I look to reproduce myself in others. There are four particular young men that I will exhaustively teach and lead. My hope is that by the end of the year these guys will be ready to mentor and disciple others.
  • I want to cut down my TV and Internet intake. I will do this by limiting viewing times to after 8 am and before 10 pm. Considering I am working during the day typically after 8 am and till 6-7 pm.

Some Thoughts….

December 29, 2006

I’m sick of reruns on TV. Can’t wait for new episodes of The Office, My Name is Earl and Scrubs.

Chris Daughtrys album is very good. The best American Idol release aside from Kelly Clarksons second. Slash even has a guest appearance.

I got some nice stuff for Christmas: Photoshop Elements, clothes from the GAP and a $100 gift card for the Apple Store. Beat that!

82 degrees in December just ain’t right!

IHOP’s Country Omelet is amazing, especially with A-1 Steak Sauce on it.

My in-grown toe nail is ridiculous! You should see the blood and puss this thing produces.

“We Are Marshall” is a really good movie that made me tear up. I’m a sucker for a touching sports movie.

Dwyane Wade is not seriously injured. Could you imagine if he did get seriously injured? That would be death to the Heat. Props to Wade and his manly performance on Christmas Day.

Our church meets in a public high school on Sunday. It sure is nice not having to set up and tear down this week.

Check out Ruth Brown, a pleasantly surprising old school blues artist. Heard about her on NPR recently after she passed away.

Adoption Update.

December 27, 2006

Nothing to report, sorry. Do you sense some bitterness? I hope not. Anyway, Penny has posted on the Russian Adoption blog, check it out.

Fantasy Football.

December 26, 2006

This year I participated in 4 fantasy football leagues. That was way too much. I finished 8th in one league, 9th in another and 10th in another. I know, pretty bad, huh? Well the league that mattered most to me was the Blogger Bowl Yahoo League. And you guessed it, I won the championship, beating the blogging world’s famous Transition Pete , 77-71 in the final weekend of fantasy football. I must say this helps with the sting of being so pathetic in the other 3 leagues. Notice below:

Goodbye to a legend.

December 25, 2006

James Brown died this morning at the age of 73. I have always enjoyed his music. Some of my favorites: “I Feel Good”, “Give It up or Turnit a Loose” and “Hot Pants, Part 1”. Who could forget his awe inspiring performance in Rocky IV?

Who is Danny Whitney?

December 24, 2006

This is a video of stand up comic Danny Whitney from my home town of West Palm Beach, Florida. I never knew him but found out he went to the same private school I attended. So who is Danny Whitney?

Merry Christmas!

December 23, 2006

What are you doing for Christmas?

December 22, 2006

Wanted to find out what everyone will be doing for Christmas. There are so many options, right? We will be going to my parents crib about 20 miles away for a delicious smorgasbord of delights. Remember, D-Wade and the Miami Heat play Kobe at 2:30 PM and the Miami Dolphins play the NY Jets at 8:00 PM. Oh yeah, don’t forget that “A Christmas Story” plays continuously on TBS!