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Our new toy.

January 31, 2007

Yesterday Penny and went to every ones favorite bed and bath and beyond store to look around. That’s where we met face to face with a very interesting and potentially useful gadget. It’s called a Tassimo Hot Beverage System. We soon convinced ourselves that this is a necessity in our house and decided to take advantage of the sale and a 20% off coupon that we were given by a person from our church and we purchased this wicked machine. A cup of hot cappuccino, tea or coffee in 2 minutes, and it’s almost as good as Starbucks! It makes tea, coffee, hot chocolate and other hot beverages. Wicked I say!


Christian Pastors and Conferences.

January 29, 2007

I may step on some of your toes with this one, but that’s OK, we are all adults here. I have been in and around ministry for many years. I have served as a student ministry volunteer and pastor, a young adults minister and pastor, associate pastor and an active member and inactive “pew sitter” in some churches. There has been one disturbing trend from my point of view that I can’t help but point out, the fact that pastors and ministers go to more conferences and helps conventions than any other trade I know of. Here are some examples from other vocations: I have a friend who is in the military. No conferences, conventions or what ever. Just a lot of on the job training. He continually grows and learns his vocation by doing it and getting instruction from his superiors. Another person that I know very well is a successful electrical estimator and contractor and has been for many years. He goes to one conference a year. That is it. It is a special event for him and he makes the most of it. Why is it that people in Christian ministry must attend more conferences than most other vocations? My thought is this. Is it necessary to attend 5, 6 or 7 conferences a year? I know what conferences are like and what goes on there (of course I have been to many). It’s typically a bunch of people who are paid to go there by their church. They are put up in a hotel, eat what they want, talk to a bunch of other guys about their ministries (usually the numbers are fudged on about everything from financials to attendance to staff members) and listen to a bunch of other paid speakers tell you what you may have already heard 20 or 30 times in your ministry life whether through a previous conference, book, disk, pod cast or what not. Why can’t we be more content learning in our called environment? Is it really necessary for us to go to every conference by every rock star public speaker or pastor? I don’t think so. I believe we should protect our churches, our lives and our vocation by being responsible in our learning and expenditures.

The final LOST episode

January 26, 2007

For those of you into LOST here is a bootlegged video from the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas (as Kate reveals). Thought it was pretty funny.

HBO Documentary about me.

January 26, 2007

This morning I was reading about a documentary about Evangelical Christians that debuted on HBO last night. Did anyone see it? Looks interesting. Also very interesting is the fact that the Speakerette of the House, Nancy Pelosi’s daughter, Alexandra made this film. Here’s an interview with Alan Colmes. Chick is a little condescending, huh?
(Ht: Michelle)

Some thoughts….

January 26, 2007

….a weekly video post from me to you.

Awards Season.

January 24, 2007

It’s that time of year. Everyone and their mama has some sort of an award ceremony for a bunch of famous people. The one that I enjoy most is the Razzies. What makes this awards ceremony so wonderful is the accountability factor to the Hollywood elite for making bad films. Anytime Hollywood is made fun of is good by me.
Here is a list of some of this years Razzie nominees:

Worst Picture:

Basic Instinct 2
Lady In The Water
Little Man
Wicker Man

Worst Actor:
Tim Allen – The Santa Clause 3, The Shaggy Dog and Zoom
Nicolas Cage – Wicker Man
Larry, The Cable Guy (Dan Whitney) Larry The Cable Guy: Health Inspector
Rob Schneider – The Benchwarmers and Little Man
Marlon Wayans & Shawn Wayans – Little Man

Worst Actress:
Hilary Duff & Haylie Duff – Material Girls
Lindsay Lohan – Just My Luck
Kristanna Loken – Bloodrayne
Jessica Simpson – Employee Of The Month
Sharon Stone – Basic Instinct 2

Mac Envy.

January 23, 2007

Yesterday I was the Apple Store to drop off my PowerBook (again!) and the guy in line in front of me had the best Mac story of tragedy EVER! Here goes: At approximately 5 PM he was telling the Apple Care Genius that he had just bought a brand spankin’ new MacBook (white) that afternoon, around 2 PM. When he got home he had a quick opening ceremony (who doesn’t) and proceeded to get the pearl running. After “fifteen glorious minutes” ,as he described it, the new family dog decided he had enough of the competition and, as the man explained, the dog took a bite out of the top left corner of the MacBook! I saw it it! It was oh so gruesome. White cracked plastic in the shape of a…..dogs chompers! The really hard part to lay my eyes on was the screen part that had incisor marks on it! This poor man had joyously spent $1500 on this beautiful piece of equipment just 3 hours earlier to have the joy and funtionality of the screen stripped away by a jealous dog! As I heard him tell the story I couldn’t help but chime in “Did you take the dog to the pound?” He told me “No, he’s really a sweet dog.” Now that’s what I call grace!

Bad Boys, Bad Boys…..

January 22, 2007

Today Penny and I were at a gas station here in Jupiter, Fl. and saw a wicked cool bust go down. 4 Cops, 2 thugs, a female sidekick, guns (illegal, of course!), hand cuffs and a shouting match. I felt like I was in an episode of COPS. Yes, I took that picture. How voyeuristic of me!

Your Office.

January 19, 2007

Every time I watch an episode of The Office I see each character as a possible real life person from one of my previous jobs or my current place of employment. I just can’t help it. I think every person has an element of each character (except Andy from the Stamford office). So is your boss like Michael Scott? Do you see yourself more like Jim Halpert? Is your receptionist in the ball park with Pam? Is there a Dwight Shrute that you work with? I’d love to hear YOUR office story.

Some thoughts….

January 19, 2007