Best of 2007: Blogs

Things Pondered – My sister got into the blogging game and I must admit, does quite an admirable job of logging her life and interests. If you are lacking chicks in your link column (that sounds sketchy!). Beth’s blog is a must for link love!

Dustin Bryson – Most of you know Dusty, he’s been in the blog game for quite awhile, but he consistently provides readers with authentic glimpses into his life. I have the whole youth pastor thing in common with him and enjoy following his life: new born son, photography and ministry endeavors.

Life in Student Ministry
– Tim Schmoyer is the blog-father here as he gives thousands of youth pastors resources, ideas and most importantly encouragement in their respected ministries. Tim seems to be a very humble and smart dude who doesn’t have that super star youth pastor mentality. I enjoyed reading about his move up to the tundra of Minnesota.

Revolution – Love him or…. Lew Graff has gotten a lot of publicity from his Church Field Trip posts over the year. That is just a small part of his blog. Lew shares some of his personal life and doesn’t try to wow you with his theology or wit, just good ole’ honest communication.

Family Reunion – As we have been going through our adoption journey we have been so encouraged by our blogging friends and family, but one blogger sticks out from the rest, Debbie Brown. She has been an inspiration to Penny and I as she and her husband, Dave are also in the process of adopting a child domestically. Debbie is truly talented as a writer, give her some link love!!

Honorable Mention:
Phil Santillian, Wakebird, Alden Ellis

Please share some of your favorite blogs from 2007

7 Responses to “Best of 2007: Blogs”

  1. Phillip Santillan Says:

    Thanks for the love!

  2. Jody Says:

    I am definitely a Things Pondered fan….. Bethany does a great job of posting regularly and has an enjoyable writing style…must be where Andrew gets his writing talent. However, I also am a Mondok Blog fan for sure as well as a LPM blog fan (Beth and Amanda Moore’s blog).

  3. Kushmama Says:

    Thanks for the plug, Bro! You’re one of my favorites, as well:)

  4. Chris Goeppner Says:

    mondok got big love on last years top list.

  5. Debbie B Says:

    I’m honored.

  6. Tim Says:

    Hey man, thanks for your kind words! I find it funny that people think of me as a “super star youth pastor.” It’s crazy the perceived credibility people give you just because you have a website. I’m learning all this youth ministry stuff just as much as anyone else is! 🙂 God bless ya!

  7. Eric Wakeling Says:

    Thanks for the Honorable Mention love!! Your blog is sweet too.

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