This day and age we all travel. It’s amazing how open the world is now, no place is un-travelable (is that a word?). When I go to travel I always enjoy scoping out the airport of my destination. Whether it stinks or is wicked nice I enjoy a gander. Anyway, Matt Doan had a cool post listing his best and worst airports. Here is my list:

The Best
1. Lima, Peru -new, with really good food.
2. San Diego – wow!
3. Amsterdam – modern, clean, spacious
4. Raleigh, NC – just nice, plus they have sweet tea.
5. West Palm Beach – easy in, easy out; you can fly any where and I only live a few minutes away!

The Worst
1. Miami – too many lines and too much hustle bustle.
2. San Jose, Costa Rica – old, yuck.
3. Nassau, Bahamas – Small, scary. Small, scary.
4. Pucalppa, Peru – its a stinkin’ barn!
5. Chicago-Midway – small, old, too busy.

So what does your list of best and worst airports look like? I know some you have some interesting destinations to share……


7 Responses to “Airports”

  1. MWest Says:

    Atlanta is rapidly becoming one of the worst. It is the country’s busiest and has grown too quickly. On a recent trip to Colorado, I experienced 5 gate changes. That means they give you the gate where you’re supposed to be and then when you get there, they tell you, “your flight is now departing out of gate ____.” It’s as if they have 2 or 3 people making routing decisions and either they have no communication or they can’t agree. For the elderly (not me) and people with knee problems (me) a gate change is no fun, especially in Atlanta.

  2. Debbie Says:

    I do not like LAX. Too busy and congested when flying internationally.
    Tokyo Narita airport. While I can’t stand it because I’ve been there a dozen times for hours. It’s a great airport. Clean modern, good shops and the security… you go through 3 or 4 check points and that’s all withing the airport it was just a stop over for me.

  3. J Dub Says:

    Ah man, I’m so glad you have Raleigh on the list. It’s definitely on my list. The sweet tea is great, but the selling point for me is the rocking chairs. What airport has rocking chairs???


  4. Bryon Mondok Says:

    my favorite: Heathrow, London

    my worst: Arua, Uganda. I was almost stranded there with Danny L. It was the wrong stop and our plane almost took off without us. We would have been stranded an African bush town in one of the most politically unstable regions in Africa. Yikes. Don’t get me going on the toilet situation there.

  5. Matt Doan Says:


    Thanks for the props on the airport rant.
    Your list cracked me up.
    Happy flying.

    very cool to hear about your adoption process.

    Mind if I copy the Vick photo?

  6. Chris Goeppner Says:

    please use it! i ripped it from chris hill. i love this blogging world!

  7. Chris Goeppner Says:

    i heard lax is a total night mare! tokyo would be cool. do they give away electronics?

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