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Some Thoughts

January 31, 2010

In just 2 days we will have been here in northern New England 1 month. I can’t believe how fast time flies, it’s like a blur. It seems like yesterday that we were packing up our moving truck with friends and family and counting down the days for our departure. I have been thinking through the past 30 days and have some thoughts:

Sunny Days – We have been blessed weather wise: sunny days have been common, more so than cloudy, gloomy days. I can take the cold with the sun shining no problem!

The Kindle – I was skeptical when I first heard about this piece of hardware. It is the best way for me to read books on the fly. If you are considering buying one let me encourage you to buy one, it’s amazing.

Books I’ve Read“Baptism With the Holy Spirit” R.A. Torrey, “Ignite: How to Spark Immediate Growth in Your Church”¬†– Nelson Searcy, “Tipping Point” Malcom Gladwell

Music – Honestly, I’m a little out of the loop with any of the hip, cool music that is out there. It’s really not a priority these days so I have been depending on music of my past that is special to me. I will not bore you with what music but I will say this about one recent release, David Crowder Band “Church Music”, amazing.

Movies – Just watched “The Swiss Family Robinson” with the kids. I know it’s ancient but its great. I love the animal stunts, tree house, fights with pirates, etc. It’s the boys new favorite film. They call it “the tree house movie”.

Food – The food situation up here in New England is better than Florida. It seems as every meal we have out is an art or craft. I love it. Apple slices on a turkey sandwich, maple syrup on a pork loin. Good stuff for sure.


Some Thoughts….

November 1, 2008

Finally, election day is close. Has this been the longest election season EVER? Honestly, I feel like one of the candidates is being shoved down my throat. Can you guess who?

More election crap: I really can’t believe people are standing in line for early voting. There is a precinct a block away from us and the line is constantly backed up. My prediction: MORE FLORIDA CHAOS!

On my iPhone: Lux Touch is amazing. It’s an easy and quick version of board game classic Risk. Snow Patrol released their latest A Hundred Million Suns. If you are into Irish pop/rock get it, it’s a good album.

Tonight we took our boys out trick or treating for the very first time. We had a great time walking my sisters neighborhood. They totally got hooked up with massive amounts of candy and I will be a benefactor!

The weather down here in SoFlo has been perfect. I really can’t remember the last real fall we have had. It has been cool and pretty dry making for some pretty good outside time for our boys. Yesterday I even took them to the beach to fly a kite!

This season of The Office has been pretty stellar thus far. Dwight may be the most bizarre character in TV history and Michael the most ridiculous. I really think that Creed could carry  his own sit-com.

I think our church staff has adapted very well to 4 services. I don’t know how Dan and Jeff do it, but they do a great job.

Some thoughts….

September 27, 2008

I have been on Facebook since the day that it became available for the non-collegiate public (like 2 years). This week I have reconnected with people that I thought I would never see or hear from again. Do you Facebook?

The season 5 premiere of The Office was great. I loved the way they filled in the summer gaps with a weight loss contest. Brilliant. Jim and Pam finally got engaged, Angela and Dwight are kind of back together, Michael is still an idiot and Ryan is back as a temp.

The whole economy thing is not freaking me out but it does cause concern. I really believe that we are watching the early transition of the American economy from a capitalist to more socialist. It’s obvious that there are people out there who prefer this. I prefer freedom.

The first Presidential debate is tonight. Snooze…..

The U plays University of North Carolina tomorrow. Should be a good test to see if Miami is ready to compete for the ACC Coastal Division. Go ‘Canes!

I still can’t believe the Dolphins beat New England last Sunday. There is hope for my team!

God is doing something very cool in our student ministry. If you think about it please pray for our students, that God would give them courage and direction to make an eternal difference on this planet.

The weather has been pretty nice down here. We don’t really have a fall, but the air is just a bit cooler and drier.

Some Thoughts…

May 13, 2008

I just got Neil Diamond’s latest release. It’s pretty good, after all he is the Jewish Elvis!

Been playing basketball on Monday evenings with some peeps from around. I think I’m doing alright, but dang do I feel old and crusty.

There is only one night of TV worth watching these days: Thursdays, must see TV. 30 Rock, The Office and Lost. Back to back to back. Nice.

I have been detailing our student ministry summer schedule. Should be one crazy summer once again. I look forward to partnering with a couple of student ministries through out the summer.

Can you believe whats going on around the world? China, Burma and well more locally, the Florida fires. We had one across the street yesterday.

I love baseball and our local team the Florida Marlins are unreal. They dump their best players in the off season to lessen their payroll, then they become baseballs best story this season. How cool would it be if they go to the playoffs?

American Idol is lame.

The Vatican said that it is ok to believe in aliens. Huh? Read more here.

Growing up Karl Malone was my favorite basketball player. I no longer have an ounce of repect for him after reading this article. Sad, very sad that pro athletes are so many times so irresponsible.

Some thoughts….

April 7, 2008

I never dreamed being a Papa would be so amazing. I think I kiss my sons so much that my lips will be raw soon. Awesome.

Gnarls Barkley’s new release is pretty good if you are into hip-hop/pop/r&b.

It’s beginning to feel a lot like summer down here in So Flo. mid to high 80’s in the day. I’m totally working my reddish tan!

If you call yourself a Christian you MUST listen to this message my pastor gave last week. Truly a church defining message.

Rest In Peace Charlton Heston. I still love him in the original “Planet of the Apes”.

The Office returns this Thursday. I can’t believe that it has been almost 5 months since the last original episode aired. Too long!

Miami Hurricanes baseball is hot, hot, hot! They are 26 wins and 2 losses. Could there be another championship run to come?

NFL Draft day is just a couple of weeks away. My Miami Dolphins have the #1 pick. Who should they take? I hope they can lure Dallas into trading their 2 first round picks for the first pick. Any thoughts?

Some Thoughts….

January 19, 2008

Our Student Ministry site is up and running. Let me know what you think. Link here.

ADOPTION UPDATE: nothing. Please pray for us and most importantly, our sons in Siberia.

Been watching Cheers. It might be the best comedy ever. I love that show!

The political scene is getting interesting. It may end up being McCain on the Republican side. That would be strange. I don’t really like the guy.

We are getting a cold front here in SoFlo. Supposed to be in the 60’s. Brrrr.

On my iPhone:
Theory Hazit – great hip-hop album all the way through. No worries of f-bombs and sex talk. Skillet – good Christian hard rock.
Mark Driscoll pod-cast – good Bible teacher
Hillsong United Live – Salvation is Here, All I Need is You, There is Nothing Like

Nice app I’m trying it’s called Quicktate. It transcribes all of your voicemail to text and e-mails it to you. It responds pretty quickly.

I’m so excited to go to the last game ever in the Orange Bowl next Saturday. It is a sad thing to see such legendary stadium go away.

I like the direction that the Dolphins are going. We shall see.

Some Thoughts….

December 12, 2007

I had 3 parties this weekend. I think I might have gained 5 pounds. Yuck!

Not a minute goes by that I don’t think of my Siberian sons. I keep thinking to myself that this adoption will be final sooner rather than later.

This past Sunday I had the incredible opportunity to be a part of an ordination church service for one of my best friends, Billy Almaguer. It is so cool to watch a man grow in his ministry like Billy.

Tomorrow is our last regular large group meeting for our Student Ministry. Next week we are having a Christmas party with 6 other church student ministries from the area. I will post more on this, but please pray for us as we look to reach hundreds of students in this area.

I have never watched an episode of The Apprentice, but the new celebrity version looks awesome and I may watch it. I will be rooting for former heavy weight champ Lennox Lewis.

The Miami Dolphins are 0-13 and the New England Patriots are 13-0. How ironic that these 2 teams will be playing soon. I know it is almost impossible, but what if the Dolphins win this? I have seen stranger things happen. I really hope New England loses at least one game this year.

I am addicted to The Bigs, a game for the Wii. It is an amazing baseball game if you are into those types of games.

On my iPhone this week: Harry for the Holidays, Harry Connick; A Charlie Brown Christmas, Vince Guaraldi Trio; Our first trip to Russia video (sorry, it’s not public yet!)

Is there a better rock band in the world than the Foo Fighters? They just know how to rock and you don’t have to worry about obscenities.

I have come to the conclusion that McDonalds makes the best iced coffee. It’s incredible. If you havent tried it yet, run out right now and order a large vanilla iced coffee and leave me a comment!

Some thoughts…

November 17, 2007

Each day that goes by that we don’t have our sons it gets more and more difficult for us. we are so thankful for family and friends (including our blogging friends!) for prayer and support.

This whole writers strike is about to get me ticked off! Think about it, no more new episodes of The Office, 30 Rock, House or Smallville. Come on execs, pay the writers!!

Penny and I are going to visit her family for Thanksgiving. They live in western North Carolina. Should be beautiful weather this time a year. Where are you going for this amazing holiday?

On our way to NC will make another stop in Tallahassee to get some documents for our adoption apostiled. It’s only a few hours out of the way. Better than waiting 2 additional weeks!

I have been playing The Bigs on our Nintendo Wii. This game is sick, if you like baseball video games.

I been working on some leadership principles with some football players from one of our local high school. Last night I took them out to Sonny’s BBQ and had a chance to share the good news of Jesus Christ with them. I hope that some of them will respond.

I told our adoption story to about 40 or students at another high school today. Several of them were really moved by the whole idea that Jesus wants to adopt us into His family. I was able to talk to them afterwards. Pray.

On my iPhone this week: Nicol Sponberg “Resurrection”; The Killers “Sawdust”; Skillet “Comatose”; Natasha Bedingfield “Unwritten”

I think Drew Carey is a better host for The Price is Right than Bob Barker. Kill me now.

Some blogs I have enjoyed lately The Blogstar, Caffinated Faith, Prodigal John, Journey of Faith and [ping]

Some thoughts…

November 9, 2007

The weather here in south Florida has pretty much been perfect. High about 80, low around 58. Beat that!! It’s about time, we deserve such nice weather after 6 months of brutal, humid summer.

It’s Thursday, Must See TV!! The Office and 30 Rock. Best back to back comedies since……

Tomorrow Apple will update it’s iPhone Firmware, again. I will choose NOT to update this time because I am enjoying the AppInstaller too much. Have you pimped your iPhone yet?

I think about my 2 sons all the time. I cant believe they are 7000 miles away, in an ophanage and I cant do anything about it. Please pray for our boys!

Miami sports really stink right now. The Heat are 0 wins and 4 losses; the Dolphins are 0 wins and 8 losses; the Hurricanes are 5 wins and 4 losses; the Panthers (hockey) are 7 wins and 9 losses. Pathetic, sad and grueling.

On my iPhone lately: Matt Candler podcasts, Falling Up “Captiva”, The Killers “Hot Fuss”, David Crowder, “Remedy” and Coldplay, “A Rush of Blood to the Head”

I the NBC go green campaign is so obnoxious. Am I just an insensitive jerk or is it a little overkill? Please let me know.

Our church building is coming along quite nice. I’m thrilled to think that in just a few short months we will be able to have a functioning center for ministry.

Toe Story update: I had the nail extracted and it has now healed quite nicely. Thanks for asking!

Some Thoughts….

October 7, 2007

Miami lost again. This time to North Carolina. It’s so hard to watch but I’m still a loyal ‘Cane and always will be. Along similar lines, the Dolphins have not won yet. I wonder if they could match the 1972 teams 16 wins with 16 loses?

This morning a group of guys from church met in inner city West Palm Beach for our monthly adopt-a-block community service project. We picked up trash and talked with people from the particular neighborhood that we are serving. I re-connected with an old friend who has opened an amazing barbershop on the main ave. Great to see him make something of himself.

I went to Jupiter High School’s football game last night. The Warriors won and have started to look like a 6A program. I love high school football.

I have been indulging in some Pumpkin Spice Latte’s recently. What’s you favorite seasonal Starbucks drink? Gingerbread? Egg Nog? Pumpkin Spice? Etc…

It’s that time of year, I long for cooler weather and fresh air smells. Not here in South Florida. It’s still in the high 80’s (and occasional 90). The air is thick with humidity and the sun is blazing hot still. We are about another month or so from some cooler temps.

Our new church building is coming around. I was there for a few hours recently, going over interior plans and such. It’s so exciting to see it all come together.

We have had some interesting things going on with some students in our ministry (nothing bad!). I won’t get into details, but please pray. I’m due for a confessional!

Our beaches were beat up pretty bad last week from some 12-15 foot waves. The surf was good on Wednesday from what I hear. 6-8 foot and glassy.

No adoption news. Keep praying for us!