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Week 1 is down!

January 11, 2010

Just a few notes reviewing our first week in northern New England.

Monday January 4 – We just unpacked our boxes and tried to get the “smoke stank” out of our master bathroom. It was real nice having our living room set up, it was kind of an oasis as we unpacked and continued to purge. We had a huge yard sale in December trying to get rid of a lot junk. It wasn’t enough, we had much more junk than we originally thought.

Tuesday January 5 – Took the family around our new town and even went sledding in Hanover. The boys loved it and we enjoyed some great hot chocolate from the Dirt Cowboy. By this time we were starting to settle in a bit. Empty boxes were a-plenty and more space in the new apartment felt great. I must say , apartment life will be an adjustment.

Wednesday January 6 – Bethany (my sis) has been such a huge help and her son Ben, has been amazing keeping the 2 Goeppner boys busy. Their room is pretty close to completion, as is ours. There is light at the end of the tunnel! We went to Hanover again for sledding. This will be a winter staple for us! On a different note, we made our first big purchase for Riverbank Church, a new laser printer extreme. It’s a sweet machine and will be used much! Beth and I put the finishing touches on the boys room late that evening.

Thursday January 7 – We awoke early to take my sister and nephew to Manchester airport. It was a dreaded day for us as we have been so blessed to have them help us get moved in and settled. After dropping them off at the airport we drove down to the seacoast area and visited with my aunt Judy and uncle Chet. ¬†We sipped some tea and caught up after about 10 months of spotty communication. From there we drove to Hampton, NH to meet my other aunts and uncles for lunch at THIS PLACE. Good stuff. We stopped at Target on the way home, the closest is an hour away ūüė¶

Friday January 9 – Growing more and more comfortable in our new apartment we took to the streets of the Upper Valley and explored a bit. We went to Norwich, VT to the King Arthur Flour Bakery and ate some tasty pastries and hot tea. What a cool place, check their site here. Of course, we drove around a bit more, learning new roads and neighborhoods. It was our anniversary this day, but we didn’t celebrate due to the circumstances.

Saturday January 10 – I decided to take the crew out again to another town in the region,

Woodstock, VT. This is the quintessential New England town without a doubt. We walked around a bit and enjoyed a real cool general store. On the way there we saw the east coast Grand Canyon, Quechee Gorge, it’s quite beautiful! ¬†Later our friends Dylan and Aimee Nicholas stopped by to watch the boys while we went out to eat to celebrate our 11th anniversary. There aren’t many restaurants in the area, but there are some very good ones. We ended up going to a Japanese place.¬†Good stuff.

Sunday January 11 – Our first church experience in our

new hometown was at Wellspring Worship Center. We met some great people and I was able to chat with my friend, Pastor Craig Morton. What a great guy! After church we drove north to Fairlee, VT. for the annual Lake Morey Winterfest. It was very wintery day (high of 15 degrees today) and we decided to do as the Romans. There was snowshoe volleyball, ice skating and trails (on the lake), hay rides, dog sleds, snowmobiling….you get the point. So cool was the hospitality area where we were able to warm up with hot chocolate and banana bread. The craziest of all was the fact that Roman taught himself to ice skate today. The kid is a natural.

Tomorrow – Day one on the job at Riverbank Church.


Me and the boys

May 9, 2009

We were just hangin’ out playing on the couch just before our evening at Cow Chicken (aka Chic-fil-A).

Photo 6

Firsts: Baseball

February 19, 2009

This morning I took Roman and Jadon on their first baseball experience. As a child I was fortunate enough to be able to go to a lot of baseball games, practices and I even played up until 11 grade. Jupiter is the spring home for the Florida Marlins and St. Louis Cardinals. So we hung out around all of the different players and it wasn’t 5 minutes before some of the Marlins pitchers are giving Roman a ball and promised “I’ll work on getting one for the little guy”. He held to his promise and JJ had a ball too! One of the coaches gave them another ball! So they each had 2 baseballs. Roman got to mee the Marlins manager, Fredi Gonzalez and got him to sign one of the baseballs. Our daddy -time was capped off with a McDonald’s lunch. Beat that!!


Firsts: Santa Claus encounter

December 4, 2008

Today we took the boys to see Santa at the mall. They were very excited to see him but when the time came to sit on his lap Jadon was a little freaked out. He eventually sat and reluctantly “talked” to him. Roman told him he wanted a bike and some Christmas toys. Good times!


I can’t believe it!

October 29, 2008

One year ago today Penny and I were in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia to meet our son’s for the very first time. Crazy how time really does fly. As we spent the day together today I just couldn’t imagine life with out these little boys. We watched Charlie Brown and went to Granny and Grampies to celebrate Andrew’s (my nephew) birthday. All of the travels are over. All of the anxieties are gone. Life has moved on and it is good.

In the news….

October 26, 2008

Touched up

October 19, 2008

Picture day

October 15, 2008

Today was my day off so we took the boys to downtown West Palm Beach and took a bunch of pictures on the waterfront. Here are a few of the good ones. Taken with a Nikon D40X.

Guys day

October 12, 2008

Friday night and Saturday Penny attended our Womens Conference at church so that left me alone with my boys. Lot’s of wrestling and running around the house. Good times. We went to Burger King for lunch today and the boys rocked out the complimentary BK crown for most of the afternoon.

A needed day away

September 26, 2008

Life has been so hectic. Actually the past month has been one of the most intense periods of ministry in my life. So this morning after a campus visit, Penny and I packed the boys up for the 2 hour trip north to Orlando. We went to Sea World¬† for the day and enjoyed all the crazy sea life. Here are some pictures of our little trip away. One of the perks to living in Florida….