Student Ministry Confessional: Stress = Shingles?

Last week I had pretty much 3 days from h-e- double hockey sticks. It really had nothing to do with my job. It had everything to do with me not having a day off for 2 weeks. I paid for it. I paid greatly. Today I am nursing a stress induced case of SHINGLES because of last weeks craziness. It all started on Wednesday (5/10) when we have our large group meeting for our student ministry. At that time I was dealing with a surprise car repair in excess of 1g, 2 volunteer situations that were nagging at me (no further details), and the confusion and clutter of portable ministry. I arrived at the school we lease around 4:45 PM and one of the assistant principals was at the door of the open air campus waiting for me. He proceeded to tell me that the school had to move their NHS promotion meeting to next Wednesday (5/17) meaning we get the boot, even though we are contracted and paid. UGG! So I had to make a decision on the fly. Do we meet next week at a different location or do we just cancel. I had to know so that it could be communicated to our students that evening. I decided we would meet, at our small church facility 8 miles away. Seems natural right? Not really. Many of our student walk to our Wednesday night meeting or just stay after school and through the evening. That evening I communicated to our students that we were going on the road next week to “mix things up”. I had to be careful not to make the school sound or look bad. Everyone received this change well and the meeting came to a close. Phew….
NOT SO FAST! As soon everyone was dismissed I had a couple of leaders come to me to let me know that some students had vandalized a bathroom with markers and obscenities. Oh great, just what we need, I thought. So I walked into the bathroom with the guilty students feverishly scrubbing their names and obscenities from the bathroom wals. that was it. The back breaker. Two weeks with out a day off, volunteer situations, car problems, facility changes and no this! Crud. The days following my historic few days before revealed to some important ministry/life necessities:
1 – Take a day off, learn to say no. I have a difficult time doing that I like to make it happen and love to serve others. But not at the expense of my health and family.
2 – Don’t try to fix everything at once. I was definitely trying to fix it all at the moment. Think through it. Pray. Ask the Lord for wisdom. Continue with what you had been doing.


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2 Responses to “Student Ministry Confessional: Stress = Shingles?”

  1. bryonm Says:

    rough time, dude. are you still sick? Buying me a cup of coffee would probably take a load off your shoulders šŸ™‚

  2. philsantillan Says:

    wow…I’m so sorry man! If you don’t take Bryon up on the coffee, I’m sure helping me pack will make you feel better šŸ˜‰ Praying for you man!

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