Summer is a comin’!

We are amping up for another big summer in Student Ministry. Here are some of our goings on and changes for the Summer of ’09:

summer-tour2Summer Tour – We will take a break from our normal meetings and begin our annual Summer Tour on June 11. The Summer Tour is an on going summer program (I hate that word but it works) where we do something different each week for 8 weeks. Tour events include a local service project, a Charlie Hall led conference, game night, worship night, etc. we really have thought through each tour event to make it as cost effective as possible so that we can sell a Backstage Pass giving access to each event. It has become something that our student have really gotten into and invite friends. Another opportunity to connect with more students.

No camp – I have really wrestled with camp for a long time. To be honest with you I don’t know if camp connects with this post-Christian generation, add the outrageous price it’s not an easy sell to our students and their families.  I have taken students to camp for many years now and have decided to not do so this year.  Call me crazy or whatever, we aren’t doing it, and probably won’t do it again.

Interns – As of this post we have 2 confirmed interns joining our Leadership Team this summer. I’m so thrilled that 2 of our graduating seniors will be hired to lead, organize, learn and serve. Adam and Julia are amazing young adults who have been a part of our ministry for many years. They begin in mid May and serve thought the end of August. I really look forward to serving along side them. I will keep you updated!

Wild at Heart Retreat – In August we will be taking a smaller group of guys to northern Florida for a time of playing and training focused on the growth towards being a Godly man. Can’t wait!

Student Leadership – In August we will begin our Student Leadership Training lead by our SM interns. Another opportunity to train our students and prepare them for the upcoming school year.


2 Responses to “Summer is a comin’!”

  1. bryonm Says:

    sounds like a blast!

  2. kushmama Says:

    Charlie Hall??? I want more information….would love to hear that one for myself!

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