Student Ministry questions?

I have been involved in student ministry in one form or fashion since 1991. My first gig as a leader of students was with a small baptist church in a semi-urban environment. We had about 15 kids in this group and I labored over what I should talk about, what games to play, etc, etc. Forward 17 years later and it seems that I labor over some similar things. Weekly I wonder if “they will show up”, will they participate in worship? Can I communicate this effectively? Will the students be “into it”? On and on. You see, we aren’t a mega-church by the standard of the church guru guys. We are an above average sized church who has been steadily growing for 11 and a half years. Our student ministry pretty much reflects the church as a whole. I am the only paid guy on our ministry team therefore I have to do a lot of the stuff. I labor over the little things. The aforementioned little things. How do I get over this? Will it every go away? What about volunteers? What about facilities? We have to rent from a local school and feel the pressure of the school admin weekly. Will the pressure go away when we have our own building? Will there be a new pressure? How about support staff. Will I ever be able to hire? If so when and who? The questions could keep coming but I will hold back. I’ll be honest, I love what I do. I seriously serve at the greatest local church ever with the greatest team ever, so I’m not disgruntled or frustrated by any means I just think these are some healthy questions. If you can answer feel free to comment.


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3 Responses to “Student Ministry questions?”

  1. unclesam22 Says:

    I think that there is something to be said about the continual non-complacency. God is working to keep you humble and useable. Stay flexible and open to Him and all the questions will figure themselves out. Chris, you are far and away the best youth pastor I know and your investment in kids will probably only be known in eternity. Keep up the good work my friend and know that you are loved and supported, even from far away.

  2. kushmama Says:

    Henry Nouwen calls it “downward mobility”….it’s what we’re called to do on this earth, it’s servant leadership and that’s what you do best, Chris.

  3. shnazel23 Says:

    I think we YP’s ask a lot of those questions every week… at least those of us who are intentional about see students lives changed. You put your heart into what you are doing which is why many of those questions are there. I also think its amazing how every doubt, frustration, and emotion turns to excitement and joy everytime we get to see one of our students surrender their lives to Christ! Keep doing your thing Chris

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