A year ago….

I can’t believe that it was a year ago that we were in Siberia traveling back and forth from our hotel to the the orphanage to see our boys. It’s so fresh in my memory, all of the smells, sounds, sights. It was a total sensory overload while there. I have had so many parents tell me that once you have kiddos life seems to go into warp speed. I am first hand experiencing this. Wow. I remember having a birthday party for our Roman as he was still in the orphanage. We brought some chocolate, fruit and hot tea for his play group. Yesterday we had a party with all of his friends from our church staff. This year was a Curious George theme, on the beach. In one year from the frozen tundra of Siberia to the warm sandy beaches of south Florida. Time flies when you’re raising kids.



2 Responses to “A year ago….”

  1. shnazel23 Says:

    it went by fast. its been awesome watching all of their firsts on the blog. i made the move to wordpress as well… kevinwilson@wordpress.com. we need to grab some coffee sometime soon…

  2. girlnamedanne Says:

    so stinking cute

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