Best of 2008: iPhone apps

Facebook – allows me to be able to stay in touch with friends far away even on the go. Simple, clean, nice. Freephoto

WunderRadio – I love radio, especially talk (sports, politics, news). This app is crazy! It gives an easy way to listen streaming radio from all over the world. I use it with my in car broadcaster. It’s kind of like satalitte radio. $5.99

Shazam – We were in Applebys and heard a song from years ago but didn’t know who it was. Opened Shazam and clicked Tag Now, bingo, song name, band and a link to iTunes to purchase. Free

Pandora – unlike WunderRadio, Pandora is where you create your own radio station of streaming music. For example, I created a station named Eric & Rakim and it stream all classic hip-hop from the ’80s and early ’90s’. I really is like sat radio as I broadcast in my car. Free

Lux Touch – Risk for the iPhone. It’s highly addictive and very similar to the board sans the dice. Another cool feature: as you play it gets harder, it’s intelligent. Free


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