Best of 2008: Music

Coldplay, Viva La Vida -I don’t have to write anything here. You all know it and love it. Another great release. Lost!, Viva La Vida,

Snow Patrol, A Hundred Million Suns – Snow Patrol is one of those few bands that I would actually like to see live some day. A Hundred Million Suns has 2 strong Pandora friendly tracks: Crack the Shutters, Take Back the City (the best song on the release) while the rest of the album is pretty melodic but not worthy of continuous play, almost too serious and rambling.

Keane, Perfect Symmetry –  When you think of Keane you think about a very serious group of musicians, almost too serious. This album breaks that mold. It really is a fun listen minus track 6, 9 and 11. The first 5 tracks make me think of the ’80’s when musicians didnt take them selves so stinking seriouslly and recorded songs that were fun and listenable multiple times. Put it this way, my youngest son Jadon LOVES this album!

That’s all I have!


One Response to “Best of 2008: Music”

  1. anthonytaylor Says:

    What about AC DC?

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