Some Thoughts….

Finally, election day is close. Has this been the longest election season EVER? Honestly, I feel like one of the candidates is being shoved down my throat. Can you guess who?

More election crap: I really can’t believe people are standing in line for early voting. There is a precinct a block away from us and the line is constantly backed up. My prediction: MORE FLORIDA CHAOS!

On my iPhone: Lux Touch is amazing. It’s an easy and quick version of board game classic Risk. Snow Patrol released their latest A Hundred Million Suns. If you are into Irish pop/rock get it, it’s a good album.

Tonight we took our boys out trick or treating for the very first time. We had a great time walking my sisters neighborhood. They totally got hooked up with massive amounts of candy and I will be a benefactor!

The weather down here in SoFlo has been perfect. I really can’t remember the last real fall we have had. It has been cool and pretty dry making for some pretty good outside time for our boys. Yesterday I even took them to the beach to fly a kite!

This season of The Office has been pretty stellar thus far. Dwight may be the most bizarre character in TV history and Michael the most ridiculous. I really think that Creed could carry  his own sit-com.

I think our church staff has adapted very well to 4 services. I don’t know how Dan and Jeff do it, but they do a great job.



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