Bloggers with t-shirts. What?

Have you noticed a recent move with some of the self-proclaimed blog-stars: t-shirts. Are you kidding me? Personally I think it’s kinda lame, but who am I but just a 50-100 hit (if I’m lucky) blogger. Please tell me the truth. Would you buy MY shirt? All proceeds would go to a better t-shirt design and people with rabies.



6 Responses to “Bloggers with t-shirts. What?”

  1. jmwest Says:


  2. Alex Workman Says:

    I love you Papa but I would never let that touch my body…

  3. bryonm Says:

    i wouldn’t buy your t-shirt OR your skivvies…

    but I’d buy a jmwest t-shirt.

  4. bryonm Says:

    follow this link to a cartoon that made me think of you…

  5. jmwest Says:

    OK Bryon – here’s a link to your jmwest t-shirt

  6. blogsology Says:

    For the cure…

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