Confessions of a Mac Guy: Part 1

Okay, I think everyone knows I’m a Mac owner, have been for 9 years. I’m going to start sharing some of my Mac unknowns and thoughts with you.

My first Mac was a grape second generation iMac.

At the time (’99) I was employed at Costco Wholesale in distribution and had an insiders view on all of the new items that were coming to the stores. I remember seeing these new Apple computers in transit and I thought that they were so cool. We made it a point to go to the local Costco and pick one of these unique computers up. Up till that point we had just gotten married and did not have a computer, we just borrowed from friends and family. I remember thinking that we had finally hit the jackpot in computer ownership. That thought did’nt last too long! The OS sucked and and was a very slow machine. This was when we drank the Mac-Kool Aid and have not owned a PC since. Not because it’s such a superior machine, just because. Kind of like there are Honda families and Chevy families, we are a Mac family.

PowerPC G3 Processor 266 MHz

Tray loading 24x CD-ROM

6 GB Hard Disk Drive

32 MB of RA

Not compatible with AirPort cards

Ports: Ethernet, USB 1.1, 56k Modem, Stereo Audio In and Out

The iMac 266 MHz shipped with Mac OS 8.5 along with AppleWorks (PRE OS X!!!)

**As you can tell, lame. We were thrilled when the next generation iMac was released and saw Barbara Walters using it on 20/20.

Are you a Mac owner? If so what is your Mac resume’? How long have you owned? When did you Mac love begin?


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