Political junk

Watch this video. Please tell me if you think Bill O’Reilly is calling out Rep. Barney Frank or is he just causing some good political debate TV. I think it’s interesting that one of the key guys in our House finance is not being schmoozed by a reporter (which is typically the case).


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2 Responses to “Political junk”

  1. jmwest Says:

    I happened to see this when it happened. OReilly lost it but then it’s easy to lose it when you’re dealing with a weasel like Frank. I just can’t understand how someone like him gets elected.

  2. blogsology Says:

    BOR is clearly not interested in even listening to Frank’s attempt at an explanation. This is a great example of the decline of real journalism. How about an intelligent debate that exposes the facts? All this prove sis BOR can yell. Real loud.

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