Some thoughts….

I have been on Facebook since the day that it became available for the non-collegiate public (like 2 years). This week I have reconnected with people that I thought I would never see or hear from again. Do you Facebook?

The season 5 premiere of The Office was great. I loved the way they filled in the summer gaps with a weight loss contest. Brilliant. Jim and Pam finally got engaged, Angela and Dwight are kind of back together, Michael is still an idiot and Ryan is back as a temp.

The whole economy thing is not freaking me out but it does cause concern. I really believe that we are watching the early transition of the American economy from a capitalist to more socialist. It’s obvious that there are people out there who prefer this. I prefer freedom.

The first Presidential debate is tonight. Snooze…..

The U plays University of North Carolina tomorrow. Should be a good test to see if Miami is ready to compete for the ACC Coastal Division. Go ‘Canes!

I still can’t believe the Dolphins beat New England last Sunday. There is hope for my team!

God is doing something very cool in our student ministry. If you think about it please pray for our students, that God would give them courage and direction to make an eternal difference on this planet.

The weather has been pretty nice down here. We don’t really have a fall, but the air is just a bit cooler and drier.



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