Christians and the Presidential election

I was interested in what coalitions there were for the 2 candidates and I found these 2 from a Google search “Christians for Barak Obama/John McCain”. The 2 websites I found were very different. The Obama site was obviously designed by someone who is younger and more in touch and the McCain site looks like an amateur “designer” made it.  Below are the site banners. Any thoughts?

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3 Responses to “Christians and the Presidential election”

  1. Alex Workman Says:

    Obama had done a great job with surrounding himself with people who understand all aspects of culture and different demographics.

  2. mbrunjes Says:

    What do you mean by in touch?

  3. geppapa Says:

    you dontt have to read into it, im not that deep 🙂 in touch means understanding of the culture, no more no less.

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