Game Day

Today could be a big day for the U and their goal to move back towards the elite of college football. I have to be honest, reality is not on their side. Florida is ranked #5 and has a boat load of talent and experience on offense. As my man over at allCanes puts it: “Florida deserves their ranking and to be favored, but that’s about it. After six straight wins (in the series) and a history of winning big football games, Miami at least deserves an ounce of respect going into Saturday, yet UF refuses to give it and continues disrespecting The U.”



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4 Responses to “Game Day”

  1. J Dub Says:

    Gators by 21.

    SEC is tough, man.

  2. aprilbrunjes Says:

    It’s hard to hate the Canes, when your son makes them look so cute. I’m sure it’ll be a tougher game than the Gators think. Mike’s a little nervous…the history of the Cane dominance does make you think twice.

  3. aprilbrunjes Says:

    i don’t think anyone who played in any of those six wins for Miami suiting up today, however percy harvin and tim tebow will in uniform.

  4. aprilbrunjes Says:

    that last comment is from me mike i guess i am logged in as april

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