In the market….

…for a camera. I have been reading about different digital cameras and have narrowed it down to 1. The Nikon D40x. It’s perfect for what we want to do (take a lot of family pictures!). I’m so sick of clicking the camera button and having to wait 3 seconds for the picture to take! With this camera I will be able to take 3 frames per second. Nice. Plus I will now be able to experiment with photography a little, something I have always wanted to do but have been content to watch my sister and friends do. I will update when we get the camera and use for a bit.

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One Response to “In the market….”

  1. balmaguer Says:

    Nikon D40x is a good camera. We are also looking and for giggles you may consider the Canon 40D as well. In the same price range. The Nikon is a ‘smaller’ camera…in the terms of fitting better in the hands of a women. It also comes with some on board software that allows you to do some cropping. The Canon comes with better optics (in my opinion) and a tougher housing (more a professional grade). Both are great cameras t hough. Let me know which one you guys go with.

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