WordPress vs. Blogger

Yep, I have made the switch to WordPress after 3 years of Blogger. It’s always nice to do something new. A few quick WordPress vs. Blogger observations:

1. WordPress is kind of like a MacBook Pro vs. a Dell Inspiron. Do I need to expound?
2. Blogger has some nice features: HTML, CSS editing, Google connection, decent options
3. WordPress makes it easy to place a custom made banner.
4. WordPress = Target, Blogger = WalMart


2 Responses to “WordPress vs. Blogger”

  1. philsantillan Says:

    seriously?! WordPress is the Mac of blogging? Then I need to get on board! I’ve tried, but I always frowned when I saw you had to pay $$ in order to do css and html edits.

  2. aguycalledtim Says:

    Just came across your blog link from TimSchmoyer.
    And I’m wanting to get into serious blogging. How do you make/add the custom banner and customize everything. I cant seem to find anyone to help me or point me in the right direction. An email reply would certainly help my curiosity and confusion.
    Thanks, God Bless.

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