Big Vision

Back in April I was challenged in my personal quiet time to think big, way bigger than what I can accomplish, but with a God sized vision. This began a work in my personal life and in my ministry life. I kept thinking about all of the students that I would see on different campuses, at the mall, just riding their bikes down the sidewalk. I then started to ask God what this meant. To make it short, He gave the simple statement: every student. That’s it. So I started to pray about this and asked Him to guide me and direct me in regard to this broad vision. I shared it with staff and student leaders. every student. Without hesitation and reservation all have jumped on board with this vision. Here is the break down:

Our Mission:
We want reach every student in the Jupiter area with the love of Jesus.
Jupiter High School – 3,800 students
Dwyer High School – 2,000 students
Independence Middle School – 1,200 students
Jupiter Middle School – 1,200 students
Other schools – 1,000+ students
Total = appx. 10,000 students in Jupiter

Ministry Vision:
Our Student Ministry seeks to reach every student in the Jupiter community in the 2008-09 school year. We will do this by filtering everything we do through our 4 core values, utilizing our environments and partnering with other local churches and para-church organizations.

Now it’s time to pray, fast and sacrifice. Will you join us?


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