Firsts: Guys night out

Tonight was the first night it was just and my boys out on the town. Penny went out with some of the girls and I took Roman and JJ to the mall for some Chic-Fil-A and of coarse a stop by the Apple Store to introduce them to gadgetry. What did you do on this big Friday night out?


3 Responses to “Firsts: Guys night out”

  1. jody Says:

    My girls and I had a girls’ night ~ dressing dolls, baking cookies and watching Little House on the Prairie!

  2. mark Says:

    we had our annual CAMP fundraiser… i’m wipped out… and now i have to lead worship in 3 services in about 9.5 hours… AND I HAVE NOTHING BETTER TO DO THAN READ YOUR BLOG AT 12:30 AM


  3. Bryon Mondok Says:

    why are you exposing those boys to MAC LUST so early in life? give those boys a chance to make wise decisions on their own!

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