Trinity of Hell?

I’m, uh, speechless. You will be too after watching this.

Watch here


4 Responses to “Trinity of Hell?”

  1. The Reimer Family Says:

    I found your blog through your wife’s blog….and I found hers as I was searching for families that are adopting.

    Your posts are often hilarious, and I am always blessed with something very interesting to read when I tune into “Life and Times”.

    Thank you for the entertainment. 🙂

  2. aprilbrunjes Says:

    “Thus saith the Lord” I gotta find the verses on Oprah, BaracK Hussein Obama, and Jeremiah Wright. haha. This guy is off his rocker.

  3. TJ Says:

    Wow…thats really all I can say. I never knew Oprah and Obama were gay. This video was so enlightening! Where do these guys get this stuff?

  4. neil Says:

    his bible is massive. Most likely to distract us from his pea sized brain.

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