Some Thoughts…

I just got Neil Diamond’s latest release. It’s pretty good, after all he is the Jewish Elvis!

Been playing basketball on Monday evenings with some peeps from around. I think I’m doing alright, but dang do I feel old and crusty.

There is only one night of TV worth watching these days: Thursdays, must see TV. 30 Rock, The Office and Lost. Back to back to back. Nice.

I have been detailing our student ministry summer schedule. Should be one crazy summer once again. I look forward to partnering with a couple of student ministries through out the summer.

Can you believe whats going on around the world? China, Burma and well more locally, the Florida fires. We had one across the street yesterday.

I love baseball and our local team the Florida Marlins are unreal. They dump their best players in the off season to lessen their payroll, then they become baseballs best story this season. How cool would it be if they go to the playoffs?

American Idol is lame.

The Vatican said that it is ok to believe in aliens. Huh? Read more here.

Growing up Karl Malone was my favorite basketball player. I no longer have an ounce of repect for him after reading this article. Sad, very sad that pro athletes are so many times so irresponsible.


One Response to “Some Thoughts…”

  1. TJ Says:

    Wow….I’ve always pictured Malone as the good guy.

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