Campout hangover

After a couple of days camping in the wild with a bunch of middle school students I have been suffering from a hangover. Headache, check. Tired, check. Irritable, check. It was all worth it though as we were able to hang out and speak into the lives of junior highers. Shown is a picture of me on the spinning swing. I almost puked. Thanks for some Pepto stashed in my back pack.


3 Responses to “Campout hangover”

  1. Lyndsey Says:

    It is completely necessary to click on this picture and see it blown up to full size. Amazing.

  2. Bryon Mondok Says:

    hang in there, buckaroo.

  3. Darlene Says:

    I have a huge bruise on my hip from that swing if it makes you feel better. It was fun.

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