Hickey conversation

A student from our ministry came up to me tonight to congratulate me on our adoption. As we were talking I couldn’t help but notice some nasty red marks all over his neck, they were obvious hickeys.
Me: “Nice suck marks on your neck!”
Student: “What are you talking about? Oh, that, I was hit with some paintballs this weekend!”.
Me: “You liar! Those are suck marks.”
Student: “Ok, one of the marks is a hickey”
Me: “Come on dude, stop yankin’ my chain!”
Student: “Ok, your right”

I have never heard that excuse for a hickey. Some I have heard: “I put a vacuum cleaner on my neck”, “I was itching my neck”, “It’s a fungus”
Never “I was hit with a paintball”

Whats the lamest hickey excuse you have ever heard, or made up?


One Response to “Hickey conversation”

  1. Alex Workman Says:

    All I know is that if someone lift a mark that looks like a paintball welt they have an incredible talent.

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