Russia Trip 2: In Siberia

We landed in Siberia this morning at 6 AM and were greeted at the airport by our contact Yelana and driver Serge. It was great to be reunited with them. Our drive from the airport to our hotel was very interesting. Lots of snow drifts, blowing to the point of zero visibility. Add to that the fearless driving of Serge and it made for quite the ride. We got to the hotel and arranged our room the way we want it to be for the next several weeks then settled down in front of the boob-tube to catch some Russian TV. That put us to sleep (from 10 AM till 6 PM). Yes, it was that boring. We then went to eat down the street at Mick’s Patio, it’s an American style diner without the American food. Siberians like to eat slaws of all sorts (beets, cabbage, etc.) so we passed on that and ate some bread and cheese; I had some killer stroganoff, kinda tasted like moms! Anyway, we are back in the room (it’s almost 9 PM Sunday) and we are back to watching some Russian TV, this time a scary reality show is on. Much easier to follow than a drama. Tomorrow is a BIG day as we get to go to the orphanage to see our sons for the first time in almost 4 months! I’ll check in tomorrow.


8 Responses to “Russia Trip 2: In Siberia”

  1. Jody Says:

    Thanks for the Gotcha Date… we’ll be praying all goes as planned, if not better! We are praying you find the boys happy, healthy and that the reunion is full of laughter and smiles! Not too much longer now!!! Are you going to celebrate Roman’s birthday there or over here or both? He’s getting parents for his birthday this year…what a thrill!!!

  2. Journey of Faith Says:

    Boy are we thinking of you guys right now!! It’s close to 4am for you as we sit here resting after church. We’ll be thinking so much about you as we get ready for bed tonight, and you are on your way to see your boys.
    Praying that you are resting well right now so you will be completely rested in the morning and ready to go. Yeah mama and papa!! Go get your boys!!

  3. Dave Says:

    so excited for you guys! praying for tomorrow that God will give you peace in the midst of the excitement. 🙂 love ya and praying for you. dave and amy carroll

  4. susan Says:

    I’m so glad your finally seeing all this fall into place. I love and miss you guys. I hope some day Allie can come play with your boys.
    I’m praying for you guys.

  5. MWest Says:

    We gotcha in prayer…
    Mike & Mary

  6. Alex Workman Says:

    Do they have American shows over there? I remember when I was in Mexico they American cartoons in Spanish. I am not a cartoon guy, but it was quite funny.

    It is great to read about your journey.

  7. Kevin Says:

    do they show any Ivan Drago boxing matches in Russia?

  8. Chris Goeppner Says:

    i think i saw drago the other day. he hasnt changed much. he works at a local eatery.

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