Russia Trip 2: Off to Siberia

We leave for Siberia today at 9PM (9AM EST). It’s a 5 hour flight and 4 time zones away from Moscow.
Below is the weather in our temporary Siberian home. Hopefully we can stay in touch…


3 Responses to “Russia Trip 2: Off to Siberia”

  1. Jody Says:

    I noticed from your previously posted itinerary (thanks for that) that you will get to visit your boys on the 18th. Is this Gotcha Day? When do you get to leave the orphanage with them… after the court date??
    We’re praying!

  2. Anonymous Says:


    from Marcos

  3. Chris Goeppner Says:

    Jody, we meet them the 18th, court date is the 19th, gotcha date will be 2/29 (hopefully!)

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