Peace sign Jesus

Last week I was at a ministry meeting at a local church here in South Florida. This picture creeped me out so much. Notice how big his head is, the blue eyes, brownish blonde-streaked hair and of coarse the peace sign. Is this the creepiest picture of Jesus you have ever seen?


8 Responses to “Peace sign Jesus”

  1. Kushmama Says:

    there’s a pretty creepy Jesus “bust” in one of my student ministry pictures I posted on today…see if you can find it!

  2. april Says:

    This reminds me of something Driscoll would be really upset about. Jesus probably didn’t look feminist and I probably don’t think he was a hippie. He never shyed away from a fight. Big boo for this picture.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I think your are correct Chris, this is the creepiest Jesus picture ever. I think the warmest depiction of Jesus would have to be the “Black Jesus” painted my “JJ” Junior Evans on Good Times.


  4. chad Says:

    I think it’s even creepier considering the conspiracy theory I have in my head that he is not giving the peace sign but instead they photoshopped the Marlboro Cigarette out of his left hand!!!

    In his right hand is a baseball bat.

  5. revolution Says:

    Marlboro Cigarette. Too funny.

    You actually saw this picture hanging in a church, for real?

    The picture sitting at a table at a garage sale would make sense. But actually hanging in a church? That is scary.

  6. Alex Workman Says:

    Nothing like American misconceptions of our Saviour…

  7. mrsspooky Says:

    You know, in Ireland, UK and Australia, He wouldn’t be giving the “peace sign” He’d be flipping them off.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    ‘. . . . of coarse the peace symbol.’???

    Coarse could refer to salt . . . or people who think Jesus was not about peace. That pesky ‘ol Sermon on the Mount thing again. I’ll take the words of Jesus over anyone else any day.

    I agree, it was not great art; but the symbolism was fantastic. Besides, a shadow of Jesus making a peace symbol is about the only reasonable explanation of bunnies having ANYTHING at all to do with Easter!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Good luck with the Russian adoption. My nephew and his wife were working on one a few years ago — then got pregnant and dropped it. But, they seemed to think it all was working out until their delightful little ‘surprise’ came along.

    Just remember, there is no power in this world or the next who can stop anyone from LIVING the teachings of Jesus Christ. Pray for and help your enemies as well as your friends and the world will be a better place!!

    God bless . . . .

    PS: I also say ‘Who Would Jesus Deport?’ — or Bomb?? but that’s just me šŸ˜‰ Of course!!

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