I want the Patriots to lose: Reason 3

I lived in New England for 6 years of my life. As a life-long Miami Dolphins fan I used to get an ear full from the most obnoxious loud mouthed fans ever. The only thing I can compare Patriot’s fans to are University of Florida Gators fans. Just over the top, can do no wrong obnoxious. I will never forget the heck I got in 1986 when New England beat Miami in the AFC Championship. I have never lived it down.


17 Responses to “I want the Patriots to lose: Reason 3”

  1. april Says:

    The Patriots and the Gators do have a lot in common…They both win A LOT and they both Win Championships! I’m happy to be lumped in with the rest of the obnoxious, winning fans out there.

  2. Chris Goeppner Says:

    your obnoxiousity (i just made up a word!) will one day come and haunt you. a winners become losers and losers become winners.

  3. m brunjes Says:

    UM sure knows that is true.

  4. Chris Goeppner Says:

    you prove my point,

  5. Emily Says:

    I think though that it has been awhile since the Canes and Fins have been winners. The only thing worse than obnoxious fans are poor losers, demonstrated so eloquently by you a true Canes fan. Remember that the sky is blue and the sun is orange so God must be a Gator, watch your words!

  6. Chris Goeppner Says:

    Point proven again!

  7. april Says:

    I want to be friends with Emily.

  8. TJ Says:

    Just remember Chris, out of the big three (Football, Basketball, Baseball) UM has 9 championships and UF has…let me think….4? Still a long way to go for you Gator fans…

  9. Emily Says:

    yeah and the soviets launched into space first, but remember who landed on the moon, stop living in the past, oh but that is all you really have isnt it if you are a canes fan… that and more sanctions and NCAA offenses than any other college program

  10. Chris Goeppner Says:

    Point proven again

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Miami is far from having the most sanctions and offenses than any one. UF is just as guilty of infractions as any one out so don’t go holier than thou Gator fans!!

    From the NCAA website:

    Florida violations (4):

    Sep 20, 1990 University of Florida EXTRA BENEFITS: Football & Basketball

    Jan 13, 1985 University of Florida Improper entertainment, financial aid and lodging; Football

    Oct 31, 1962 University of Florida Improper recruiting contact. : Basketball

    Jan 11, 1957 University of Florida Improper financial aid and transportation; Football

    And lets not forget the latest Gator recruiting scandal involving Junior College kids……

    Read here:

    Miami violations (5):

    Feb 27, 2003 University of Miami (Florida) Impermissible recruiting activity – tryouts: Baseball

    Dec 01, 1995 University of Miami (Florida) IMPROPER FINANCIAL AID: Football

    Nov 03, 1981 University of Miami (Florida) Improper financial aid: Football

    Nov 05, 1964 University of Miami (Florida) Improper transportation: Basketball

    Jan 07, 1955 University of Miami (Florida) Improper transportation: Football

  12. TJ Says:

    The “stop living in the past” mechanism is a great one used by people who are jealous of the great history at UM. If you guys actually had that many championships you would brag about them too…

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Lets not forget about the latest Urban Meyer/Carl Moore recruiting controversy…


  14. Emily Says:

    ooh, yes such a controversy. Bad Urban, he called a recruit who already had committed and spoke to his girlfriend who happened to answer the phone instead of hanging up on her! my, my..he really breaks those rules, I mean that is up there on violations. I mean it is just as bad as messing with Pell Grants…and the last time I checked 4 is less than 5.

  15. TJ Says:

    Isn’t talking about violations that happened in the 1990’s considered “living in the past?”

  16. m brunjes Says:

    we could talk about the present accomplishments of the canes but unfortunately it would be a very short conversation. We could however talk about UFs three SEC and two national championships in basketball and SEC and national championship and heisman trophy and three striaght top two recruiting classes in football. Or if you want to talk about the future let’s discuss how we think the candy canes will fair when they come to the SWAMP this season.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Its big talk for a team that hasnt beaten Miami since, what is it, um 23 years. Thats what I thought. never mind Florida took Miami off the schedule in 89. Pathetic.

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