Some Thoughts….

Our Student Ministry site is up and running. Let me know what you think. Link here.

ADOPTION UPDATE: nothing. Please pray for us and most importantly, our sons in Siberia.

Been watching Cheers. It might be the best comedy ever. I love that show!

The political scene is getting interesting. It may end up being McCain on the Republican side. That would be strange. I don’t really like the guy.

We are getting a cold front here in SoFlo. Supposed to be in the 60’s. Brrrr.

On my iPhone:
Theory Hazit – great hip-hop album all the way through. No worries of f-bombs and sex talk. Skillet – good Christian hard rock.
Mark Driscoll pod-cast – good Bible teacher
Hillsong United Live – Salvation is Here, All I Need is You, There is Nothing Like

Nice app I’m trying it’s called Quicktate. It transcribes all of your voicemail to text and e-mails it to you. It responds pretty quickly.

I’m so excited to go to the last game ever in the Orange Bowl next Saturday. It is a sad thing to see such legendary stadium go away.

I like the direction that the Dolphins are going. We shall see.

One Response to “Some Thoughts….”

  1. Kushmama Says:

    checked out you student ministry site….great job! hey, by the way, who took the cool pic’s???

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