9 years ago tomorrow….

Penny and I made a lifetime commitment to each other in holy matrimony. I can honestly say that Penny is my best friend and I feel incomplete when I’m away from her. Today we celebrated our anniversary early by getting lunch at Cheesecake Factory and catching a matinee, The Great Debaters. It was a great day just hangin’ out with my girl!


4 Responses to “9 years ago tomorrow….”

  1. Alden Ellis Says:


    We are writing this material. We adapted the idea from this year’s YS NYWC in which they did Storyline. Let me know and I will get you all the information we have, etc!


  2. Phillip Santillan Says:


  3. Lyndsey Says:

    Oh congrats! I had it in my calendar too and never looked at it!

  4. MWest Says:

    Happy Anniversary! We’re coming up on 30.

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