Over the past several months some men from our church and a local para-church organization which reaches out to inner-city families (Urban Youth Impact) have been partnering in a very unique adopt-a-block service based ministry. We meet up every first Saturday of the month and do various work around our neighborhood. This past Saturday we cleaned up an overgrown vacant lot and mowed a single mom’s yard (honestly, I didnt do the mowing!). It’s so rewarding to give of yourself without expecting a lick in return. I think too many times when you do ministry all of the time you grow to expect some sort of return: more people in the seats, money to do more ministry, life changing decisions, etc. This has been a very pure, basic form of ministry that has helped me just to enjoy serving without the potential return. Just doing it. Do you have an opportunity where you can just serve just for the sake of serving? Where? What is it?


One Response to “Adopt-a-Block”

  1. revolution Says:

    what if the church did more of that kind of ministry than of the traditional self serving kind?

    what would happen?

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