Going Bourne

The past several weeks have been moving so slow. I have often complained about how fast life seems to move. Not this season of my life. Days seem like weeks and weeks months. Waiting to go and get my 2 son’s in Russia has been the greatest faith tester/patience builder in my life. You would be shocked at the thoughts that go through my head. Not naughty thoughts, come on, but thoughts of going Rambo or Jason Bourne on the Russian authorities that have built up all of these hoops in order for us to save our babies and bring them into our home. Today Penny and I went to Gap and bought some really cool clothing items for our boys. It just gets me amped and ready to go. Have you ever had to wait for something (or someone) and you can hardly stand it?


One Response to “Going Bourne”

  1. Courtney Says:

    Tell me about it. We adopted 2 from Russia and now we wait again for our daughter’s in Haiti. It is SO hard.

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