Some thoughts…

The weather here in south Florida has pretty much been perfect. High about 80, low around 58. Beat that!! It’s about time, we deserve such nice weather after 6 months of brutal, humid summer.

It’s Thursday, Must See TV!! The Office and 30 Rock. Best back to back comedies since……

Tomorrow Apple will update it’s iPhone Firmware, again. I will choose NOT to update this time because I am enjoying the AppInstaller too much. Have you pimped your iPhone yet?

I think about my 2 sons all the time. I cant believe they are 7000 miles away, in an ophanage and I cant do anything about it. Please pray for our boys!

Miami sports really stink right now. The Heat are 0 wins and 4 losses; the Dolphins are 0 wins and 8 losses; the Hurricanes are 5 wins and 4 losses; the Panthers (hockey) are 7 wins and 9 losses. Pathetic, sad and grueling.

On my iPhone lately: Matt Candler podcasts, Falling Up “Captiva”, The Killers “Hot Fuss”, David Crowder, “Remedy” and Coldplay, “A Rush of Blood to the Head”

I the NBC go green campaign is so obnoxious. Am I just an insensitive jerk or is it a little overkill? Please let me know.

Our church building is coming along quite nice. I’m thrilled to think that in just a few short months we will be able to have a functioning center for ministry.

Toe Story update: I had the nail extracted and it has now healed quite nicely. Thanks for asking!


3 Responses to “Some thoughts…”

  1. revolution Says:

    its finally time to start lighting bonfires on friday nights.

  2. Chris Goeppner Says:

    true, true! my folks have some property in western pb county and they already have their piles waiting to ignite…..maybe next week!

  3. Darlene Says:

    I really like the new cd from Falling Up. It’s been in my car ever since I got it. Some of my favorite songs are Maps, Good Night Gravity and Good Morning Planetarium. I’m glad your toe is doing better.

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