Ron Paul

Can you believe it? Another American Presidential election is right around the corner! Over the next several months I will try to clarify my choice for ’08 by profiling some of the premiere candidates. The guy that I am most intrigued with recently has been Rep. Ron Paul. I know my sister will like him as he is a firm advocate of home schooling. He takes a very strong stand on the issues (unlike most candidates) and he has become a web-star over the past several months. I like the organic nature of his campaign and how I have learned of him (the web). Any thoughts? Who do you like for ’08? Please dont say Hillary, please. Barak? Rudy? More to come….


16 Responses to “Ron Paul”

  1. Shawn Says:

    Personally I’m a little confused that after being in office for 8 years Hillary could re-run.

  2. Justin Carlin Says:

    Ron Paul is wrong to think that the United States should not intervene in foreign affairs. By this inflexible and immoral standard, taking down Nazi Germany and imperialist Japan was the wrong move. Ron Paul also catastrophizes the potential consequences of over-spending. Since the United States is the safest country in which to invest money, it is unlikely that our dollar will incur a tremendous depreciation in value. I appreciate his approach to interpreting the Constitution, but I don’t understand the attraction. As you know, I think that Rudy is the best equipped to lead this country; further, he’s the only candidate who can come close to defeating Hillary.

  3. Chris Goeppner Says:

    justin, you make some good points. the main attraction to me with ron paul is the fact that you know where he stands on everything and he has a voting record to back it all. he’s very principled (although im not a fan of all of his policies) and unlike rudy, fred, mit, hilary, obama, etc… he is very clear about everything and doesnt waver. rudy is very electable but his rocky personal life WILL become an issue. the fact that he floats on some issues (mainly social) is not good for him. i think his strongest point is his foreign policy (which may be ron pauls weakest). should be interesting as things play out over the next several months…

  4. Bryon Mondok Says:

    he reminds me of this dude:

    he kind of sounds like pat buchanan.

    he should run for president of texas…

    i’m pretty sure i like rudy.

  5. Chris Goeppner Says:

    you crack me up. i think im leaning rudy too.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Last I heard Rudy was pro choice and did the old switcharoo when he wanted to run for pres. I would not vote before I voted for him.

  7. Chris Goeppner Says:

    so basically, anonymous, you would rather pout because rudy isnt as conservative as dobson likes so youll throw away your american privelege (giving hillary a vote btw)……..

  8. Bryon Mondok Says:

    anon: who in politics doesn’t do the old switcheroo to court their special interest of choice? that’s what makes politics politics.

  9. revolution Says:

    I took one of those tests and it said I liked some dude named Huckabee, and also Fred Thompson.


    I’m a one-issue voter: pro-life.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    So Chris, are you saying you will support a candidate who supports abortion rights? Also, Rudy is not a conservative, I am. I will not vote for someone just because he runs under the republican banner. Why not just vote for Hillary, What’s the difference. The repubs ran on conservative values but once they are in office it’s just like any other politician. And they wonder why they get voted out later on. When I vote, it is as a Christ follower. If the candidate supports certain things, I will not support them, period. I can deal with higher taxes and bs like that, although it may piss me off, but if you support murder, you have lost me. I have supported the repubs for almost 20 years now, taxes keep going higher, government keeps getting bigger, and Washington keeps spending more, I’m over it. Just gonna sit here and wait for the rapture:)

  11. Anonymous Says:

    To quote Chevy Chase on SNL circa 1979:

    “Revolution, You ignorant slut”

    In this day and age of pressing issues of national security and a skittish economy to consider voting on a single issue is completely moronic. I am quite certain your only source of news are Southern Christian Radio, James Dobson, and Fox News when your feeling particularly randy. I literally want to vomit just considering there are such myopic Christians out there that will take what certain Christian Leaders say as the Word Of God without even considering outside opinions or actually, God forbide, formulate their own.
    Why don’t you get off your rapture ready ass and try and formulate social change to eliminate abortions by offering to adopt a child or financially support a ministry that helps single mothers, poor families, and all those that opt for life. To try and legislate morality is a foolhardy pursuit.

    -Tony Taylor

  12. Chris Goeppner Says:

    okay, i think that politics is a very touchy subject, you think? i too “anonymous” am pro-life (i voted for g.w. 2x). the reason the primaries are around is for the very reason of pitting multiple candidates with multiple political strengths against each other. vote for your guy there. if he (or she….) doesnt get the nod then pick you poison. thats the way i look at it. as a person who digs american politics i am more and more alarmed at the lack of passion for the right to vote as opposed to desire to vote for your guy. i voted for bob dole in ’96 (better of the 2 evils), gb in ’92 (same), but at least i excersized my right and could sleep at night knowing i did the best with the best that i believe was offered. i am not a one issue voter.

  13. Chris Goeppner Says:

    might i add, in those primaries, i didnt vote for the guy i voted for president! in 96 i voted for kemp in the primary, in 00 i voted for keyes and in 04 i didnt have much of a choice:)

  14. Chris Goeppner Says:

    im sorry it was buchanan in 96. i think i have officially declared myself a right wing nut job!

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Hey Tony, do you think Jesus considered outside opinions?

  16. Chris Goeppner Says:

    please keep the conversation civil
    : )

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