Miami – Florida State

I have my “vintage” Ken Dorsey number 11 jersey on waiting for the UM-FSU game to resume. It’s halftime and the score is 20-17 FSU. It just isn’t the same as the games in this rivalry from the past. Miami turns the ball over and FSU scores, FSU turns the ball over, Miami scores. Just sloppy. I cant help but wonder if this game will regain it’s luster of the past. I think the talent is decent, but the attitude on both sides does not have the swagger and confidence of the past. Anyway, Miami still has a shot in this game. It would be a huge confidence builder for the U. More later…UPDATE: Miami wins! Huge victory for this young and battered team. Go Canes!

4 Responses to “Miami – Florida State”

  1. MWest Says:

    Congrats. 2 touchdowns in the final minute and 15 seconds! I didn’t think they needed to fire Larry Coker. What do you think?

  2. Chris Goeppner Says:

    i do. coker lost control of the team. the culture became very sketchy. players were allowed to live off campus and do what they want, etc. randy shannon runs a tight ship. no off campus housing. not hats (thats right, HATS), no hanging pants, no missing class, he removed names from the jerseys. he has regained the respect of the players. each player has to keep their position week to week. this will translate into results, soon, very soon.

  3. MWest Says:

    oh…never mind. 🙂

  4. Greg Says:

    yeah. i was there. thought the game was pretty good then the last two minutes happened. i just kinda stood there looking around thinking to myself, “why not?” Go Noles…ehh!

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