Barry Bonds.

I remember when Barry Bonds first started playing in Major League Baseball. He was supposed to be the next great center fielder of baseball. 7 MVP’s later, he has more than surpassed that. As much as a jerk as Barry has been to the media, and as juiced as he his, I still think he has been the most dominating sports figure outside of one MJ. I hate to see Hank Aaron’s home run record fall to a dirt bag of a public figure as Barry, he will do it, and I think he has done it legit.

Career Statistics
Runs – 2198
Hits – 2902
Doubles – 597
Home Runs – 751
Runs Batted In – 1972
Stolen Bases – 514
Batting Average – .299


2 Responses to “Barry Bonds.”

  1. MWest Says:

    I enjoyed seeing Willie Mays before the All-Star game and seeing recent documentaries on ESPN about Hank Aaron. I am ashamed of how Aaron was treated. Barry Bonds is the complete opposite of those 2 legends. Bonds will never be a legend in my mind, although he already is in his own.

  2. Kushmama Says:

    Who’s Barry Bonds?

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