……and after.

A couple of weeks ago I showed you a picture of my knee bone before the surgery. Well, here are the after surgery pics. Here is a progression of photos from todays post-op appointment with my surgeon.

From left to right:
(1)cracking open the cast
(2)pulling out the staples
(3)bandaged up and ready to go!


6 Responses to “……and after.”

  1. Kushmama Says:

    did you pass out?

  2. Chris Goeppner Says:

    nope! lived to tell. i did have to lay down though. No one should have to see there own junk like that!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    are you able to walk any better? still need to wear the cast thingy? proud of you son…you did REALLLL GOOOOT!!!! from yo momma

  4. J Dub Says:

    Heal with haste.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Nice pics! When r u guys headed up to RALEIGH????? Miss you and yours much! ~Kenny, Ester & the kids

  6. Bryon Mondok Says:


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