In Peru: Monday PM

We got to the mission base with our caiman tail and a warm heart from our incredible experience. Took the opportunity to shower off, blow my congested nose and pack my bags for our 12:30 Pm flight to Lima. Before that we ate the caiman tail with chicken and white rice, all prepared by a local lady. The flight to Lima would be the 7th flight on this whirlwind trip. We arrived in the capital around 1:30 PM and visited my friends in-laws. A great opportunity to see what a local house is like and give me a better taste of the culture and people. We grabbed a ride into another part of Lima, to shop a little bit in the market. I was able to finish up my family gift finds at what is called Indian Market. Cheap and fun are the words to best describe this experience. We then hopped a taxi to the ocean side of Lima. This was great, just driving through the different parts of this wonderful metropolis and seeing the various districts and the unique architecture. We arrived at our destination, La Rosa Nautica Restaurant. Speechless, again, in Peru. This restaurant was just perfect. Literally ON the Pacific Ocean with a beautiful pier to guide you to the front steps. I had Se Veche (lime cooked fish), Rock Fish, servesa and of course dark chocolate cake. Great meal, great time, perfect atmosphere with the Pacific waves crashing in the background. The only thing missing? Mi espossa, of course. Dinner was over we hopped a taxi back to the Lima airport for our 8th flight in 6 days to return home from the fast yet wonderful trip to another world. Thank you Tim and the guys at NutraMedix for including me in this adventure of a lifetime!


One Response to “In Peru: Monday PM”

  1. Adam Ellis Says:

    It’s been awesome reading about your adventure. I’m envious. Looks like you had a great time.

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